Cryptocracy is eerie, haunting, and filled to the brim with mystery, power struggles, and looming danger. Reading it brings about a feeling of curious nostalgia – it really reminds me of reading The Wicked + The Divine in terms of content and art, and that’s definitely a good thing. Cryptoctacy starts out awesome.
This issue serves as an introduction to the world of Cryptocracy, into the world of those that… well, control the world. For all of the information that it presents it’s paced evenly and doesn’t throw information in the reader’s face so quickly that they can’t process it or understand it before moving to the next panel. The whole issue, interestingly, sort of has a relation to recent times, what with the world bringing attention to the afforded possibilities and the insurmountable power of the rich and famous.
Crpytocracy is also beautifully executed artwise – the characters are expressive and each panel pops to life. With the definite fantasy and science-fiction elements present throughout the comic, it’s cool to see them all tied together through story, dialogue, and art. When working to combine these three elements it’s sometimes hard to make it believable, but Jensen and Woods do a great job of presenting the story visually. It holds the reader’s attention from panel to panel, presenting a frightening future of deadly weapons, unrest between powers, and a sort of ‘secret society’ akin to the Illuminati.


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