In this post, I shared 8 original graphics that you can snag and share, to help spread the word about Yours! However, the Yours logo I used was a bit low-res, and didn't look excellent.
So, I just now uploaded updated versions of all 8 graphics. Now they all include a much higher quality Yours logo, which looks a lot better, as well as a couple of minor tweaks on a few of the graphics.
So, if you've previously downloaded the original (lower quality) images, please download the new versions and use them instead!
**Note: you may have to do a 'hard refresh' on this page in order to see the updated graphics, as the old ones may be cached. To do a hard refresh in most browsers on Windows, hit ctrl + f5. On Macs, I believe you can hold Shift and click the Reload button, or hold ctrl and shift and then press R.
The urls of the graphics are all the same, so no updating links is needed if you've hot-linked or embedded the graphics.
You can find them all here: