It is true. When I was 20 I would not have done this. My ego, low confidence and ton of other shit would have stop me. Actually, It would not cross my mind. It is only the last 15 years, that I m becoming freer and freer, though I was always bit crazy girl.
I did not knew much about the world, I mean, you can see many aware kids these days, I was somewhat ignorant. I do not hate myself for it anymore. Life is a journey. I am glad, I made it so far and hope will live long enough to learn, experience and give more and become even better me. There is always space to improve, but we shall love ourself.
Few weeks ago, we bought some hose and electric tape and made hula hoops.
Here is how to video by Paola Pelt :-) if you want to make one! You get into better shape and will have fun. Pinky promise, how the girls would say.

I am still bit "fat" in the second video, but already better then two weeks ago. (I blame Bitcon Cash for it, as the last year was too much time behind the screen, we got to rent a house and had internet and electricity non stop, big change from the previouse years, when running on solars and to the spring for water :-)

I am sporting more, swimming, it is crazy hot summer, this one. I do hula hooping every day, sometimes even before my morning coffe.
And It seems to even be helping to my back. I do like it. Once, while dancing with the moon, I though, maybe I shall try it public one day. It is already going better then the guitar playing.
Today the day came. I am visiting my friend again, she lives close to Germany. They have nice swimming places there and we went. She took my kids and I went to Anaberg, to play spread some love and make some (Bitcoin) Cash. I always take my Bitcoin Cash box, it attracts attention. Always there is somone to talk to about it, easily. And few times happen, when I make article, or share a joke pic, that decent money arrived. I mean, 100 dollars is decent enough for me, it is several icecreams, and icecreams buys me time for myself. Parents will understand. It is kind of family coruption. :-). Kidding partly. It helps a lot.

I played guitar and got few euros. It was not busy. I like it more. I think, I have more the X factor, and most money I make, if I talk with poeple, which is paradox, cose I am also kind of shy. Happen today again. Guy came, through fiver in my hat and listen. Then he asks for song. I said, do you mean singing? Yes, he did. Well, I do not sing, I am still blocked, but less then before. So I played Girl from Ipenama and tried to sing it. Hmm, well, I said him, I do not sing. Then we talk abut Bitcoin. He did not knew. I let him download wallet, but took to long, even on data. So to demonstrate it, I scaned my own QR code, from the busking box, and send me some money. Done in seconds. He was surprised. We chat a bit more and then he and his friend left. I played bit more, made few kids happy, and made one tune for a little boy who sat next to me on the bench. That was kind of nice ending.

Then I packed my things and went to car. I had hula hoop in, I said, I am doing it often, and because we went often to swiming, I always warm myself up, and get a bit fitter.

I parked car close by square, just few steps, and it was not busy; there is probably never really busy, its a little town, and met that guy again. I came to him, he was listening something, he showed me the phone. Haha, there was this video. I took it as a sign.

Had quite some fun. Alone, without the kids. (You know, I love them, but hey, being always the mom, is tiring, mentaly, at times.)
I am also feeling the clock more often, tik, tak, in the half, if lucky. Therefore I am enjoying the moments...
Here is some show, enjoy too ;-)
I like both of the songs. The second vid is maybe too sexy and I might to take it off when I wake up :-) (just passed midnight here).

P.S. I have really sore feet, and big blisters, ajajaj

If you want to check more what I do, not really a street busking think, that is just occasionally, then there is a project, I would like to bring to reality. I guess I will just put it at the end of every content I produce, to kind of spred the word.


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Wow, that looks like a workout! Anything can be a conversation starter. ;)
p.s. 3rd paragraph, change the word hoes to hose
p.p.s. I understand about the ice cream and kids.
   2yr ago
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@Satoshi Doodles :-) It is really great work out, especially with music.
Thank you for the spelling tip! And of course you do understand :-) abut moms and little ice cream lovers! Thank you for writing me.
Thank you again for the gift, I am still happy and high from it! Third day on...:-)
   2yr ago