Hey there! πŸ˜‰

Another original artwork done by me! this is a WIP from the book I'm illustrating, still need to work on the colours but is mostly done.
I'm doing one illustration per chapter and this one is about a dromedary born in captivity at a circus and when they are released to the wilderness he doesn't finds himself with the life in the desert, however his parents counsel and teach him the value of patience and perseverance while making use of his advantages as a camel.
I did this drawing on my A5 sized sketchbook using mechanical pencil, inkpens, colour crayons, colour markers.

Here the Initial Sketch

What do you guys think of this drawing, is it a good illustration? what would you improve? please let me know in the comments bellow πŸ‘‡ 😁 Thanks for the support!! πŸ’™
Full size image behind paywall (res 1500x1500px 72dpi)


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