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Another original artwork done by me!, also part of the book I illustrated which title will be "Un voyage vers soi". that's would translate from French as "A journey to oneself". This chapter is about a donkey that decides to carry with the load of everyone around him because he thinks doing so he will make them happier and thus help for a better world, hover this isn't quite the result, as the donkey's acquaintances at first grateful of the help quickly grow used to the donkey doing carrying all the weigh while they carry on with their lives pretty much the same.
Thus one day the donkey encounters this ant while resting under the shadow of a tree and confides him that he's tired and sad of what's going on, then the ant who is actually quite wise, tells the donkey to stop this nonsense which is clearly developing in an abusive relationship damaging all parties as the donkeys friends might quite grow lazy and dependant on his help while overloading him and threatening his own health... The donkeys realizes his mistake and learns that he has to take care of himself before he can help others and that no one can carry the weight of the entire world over his shoulders...or something like that hehe.
Here the initial sketch:
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