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Another original artwork part of the book I illustrated. This chapter was about a hen who was the favourite of the farmers as she had laid many eggs for them, however she wanted to have her chicks, so she made a deal with the farmers to keep the next batch of eggs for her own.
However the hen grew overprotective of her eggs and even when they were ready to hatch she wouldn't let the chicks get out, fearing that they would get hurt...the farmers tried to intervene telling her she had to let the chicks out and breath on their own but the hen was too stubborn and untrusting to listen to them, saying that only she knows what is best for her chicks and none loves them as she does.
In the end the chicks couldn't ever get out and eventually perished under their mother, this caused an overwhelming pain to her and then she finally paid attention to what the farmers were trying to tell her all this time...albeit too late... Sometimes under the name of love a terrible pain can be caused, simply because we put our own ideas and needs over those we profess to love...and end up ignoring what they want and really need.
Initial Sketch:
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