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Here I present you another chapter of the book I illustrated a while ago, this one is about a monkey, who was about to inherit being the Chief of a patch of the jungle, however the monkey was very intolerant and lacked any sort of flexibility regarding the rules in the family book of jungle laws, so he considered anyone who did not follow them to the letter an immoral sinner who deserved to be punished.
Upon the day he was bestowed the leadership, he received the Will of his predecessor where he was being ordered that before starting his reign, he should first visit the other patches of jungles and since obeying the elders was one of the rules in the jungle laws, he couldn't refuse doing so...thus he parted on his journey.
When he arrived to this other Jungle Patch governed by a cousin of his, he observed how everyone were breaking the jungle laws which infuriated him and went directly to confront his cousin demanding an explanation of why he permitted this, upon meeting him his cousin replied saying he was following the rules of the book just as his fore-bearer had taught him, even showing him his copy of said rulebook.
The monkey perplexed by this, started wondering if these were different versions with different rules and if so which version was the correct one, so he decided to search for the wise ant (yes once more), who was famous for resolving conflicts.
When he met the ant he asked her for her thoughts on this matter and the Ant replied that neither book is the correct one, that each was but a simple representation of how each tribe experienced the world and they considered best for them, she added that this not only limits to different tribes but that each individual has his own point of view and way of experiencing the world, thus learning to be more tolerant and flexible would do him good as the leader of his Jungle Patch.
Full size image bellow (res 1500x1500px 72dpi) :
Copyright @melooo182 - All Rights Reserved I did this drawing on my A5 sized sketchbook using mechanical pencil, inkpens, aquarellable colour crayons. then it was slightly edited with Adobe Photoshop. Thanks for the support!! πŸ’™ There's nothing behind the paywall but a note of gratitude...


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