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Here I present you another illustration of the book I illustrated a while ago, this one is about a beaver who is struggling in finding his purpose in life, so he tried many different things in which he wasn't particularly happy or successful...
Until one day he saw a bird building his nest...and it was then when the beaver felt quite inspired and then began to imitate what the bird was doing with sticks, leaves and mud and then realized he was actually talented doing this so he continued building things ever more ambitious, after having built a dam the beaver finally understood which was he's calling. And so the beaver continued building dams teaching other beavers how to.
BTW here a PBS documentary about beavers, they are very important creatures in their ecosystems
Really amazing creatures πŸ˜‰
Full size image bellow (res 1500x988px 72dpi) :
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I did this drawing on my A5 sized sketchbook using mechanical pencil, inkpens, aquarellable colour crayons. then it was slightly edited with Adobe Photoshop.
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