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Here I present you another "Inktober" drawing, obviously I'm not following the day's theme but I think I'm on a Cyberpunk trend hehe, as you can see a beautiful woman with a bionic prosthetic arm while covering her breasts haha.
It all started with me wanting to draw this selfie from some Korean Girl, no idea who she is but I think she's famous as I'm pretty sure of seeing more pics of her, perhaps some connoisseur can enlighten me with the identity of the mysterious model hehe, (I think I got the picture from the Daily Drawing Challenge FB group).
Before you say it, I know, her face didn't end up looking much alike lol but that doesn't matter it was only a reference, which I later mixed with other bunch of ideas as you can see....
The bionic arm is obviously inspired in both Full Metal Alchermist and Deus Ex: Human Revolution prosthetic limbs...
Here bellow you can see some of the drawing process:
As said above in the post I was heavily inspired by Deus Ex and Full Metal Alchemist...but of course the bionic arm had to look more cyberpunk than steempunkish, so that's why I chose tho have some elements in bright colours, IMO making it look more of some low weight but highly resistant polymer or alloy.
Copyright @melooo182 - All Rights Reserved What are your critiques and comments about this drawing, what would you improve? please let me know in the comments bellow πŸ‘‡ 😁
Thanks for your time peeps! I hope you liked my artwork and my post!
Cheers Everyone πŸ’™πŸŽ‰


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