We left Spain and are in the Czech Republic right now, the country of my origin.
Visiting friend who lives close to Germany. There is several reasons for that. Not only that she is my long time friend (omg, it is 23 year, that we met for the first time!) so of-course I like to see here anytime I can.
But she also have three kids, and they are friends with our girls. It always helps with the Czech language, they get used to it very quickly.
Another reason is, that because it is only 15 min drive to Germany, to town Anaberg, and I could play there and make some money for living.

Well, I though so, but did not really happen that way.

Me and Paola went one day, she desperately wanted go with me. She dressed up really nice and wanted to dance.

We arrived and find the square. I set up my amp, open guitar case, through few coins in for the luck and to encourage others, put Bitcoin address in-front of me, just in case....you never know, and also, people tend to ask, what it is and I can start talk about it easily....

Well, they would have to speak English, Spanish or Czech, I only know few words in German...

I played for maybe an hour and 50 cents no more landed in the hat. And the sound was terrible, honestly. At first I though, it is the amp. Only later home I find out, it is the guitar. Maybe some damage occurred it air-plain. I also did not practice for quite some time, but....
Paola did not found the courage to dance this time, but she was patiently waiting, and making me a company. She also made a video of me playing.
After a while, we decided to pack up. I was feeling bit disillusioned, paid 2 euro for parking, also the gasoline, and nothing came out. Hmm, how we are going to survive?

There was a guy sitting on a bench, and start to talk to me. Asking if we finished. I said, yes, we just tried, and that I actually played terrible. He did not agree, said he enjoyed and recognized few pieces. Asked if we are from North America. No, we speak English, blablabla, but are Czech, living in Spain....the rest of our conversation was in Spanish.

Came out, that he is from Venezuela. Oh! My eyes lightened. I show him my t-shirt. Eat BCH by Satoshi Doodles.
And asked, if he has family back there. Yes, he does. And are you sending them money? He said, he does not have how to. So I tell him about Bitcoin Cash, about Eat Bitcoin Cash, about Yours, about Local Bitcoins, he asked about fees, and got answer. :)

and he was so happy! He took my email, links I wrote down, and had to run to catch up the bus!

My mood immediately improved. It was totally worth it, this our journey to Germany. We helped out a guy (family) and introduced Bitcoin Cash to another being.

Then we decided to try one more place, a little street that leads out of the square.

And things turned around. Paola started to dance. Then a woman came, pretty woman, with long dark curly hair, well dressed, she looked at Paola, sit just in-front of her, through euro into the hat and waited, looking strait into Paolas eyes. Paola is a fashion girl and was impressed by her. She bit slowed down her movements but kept dancing.

It was a breaking moment. Later, at home, she told me, : I can`t believe, that I kept dancing!

We were there another maybe an hour, and actually made some money. Paola had an account of that, and counted that we collected 8 euros and 20 cents.
She got 5, me 3. ( parking was 2,- and the 🍇 we got 1-) so, I came out with zero, but happy.

We made it! Our first public performance together 💃 🎸
I got from it a lot. At first the guy we met. It is truly nice feeling, when you talk about Bitcoin and someone appreciates it and actually finds a solution to life situation 🎆 as opposed to friends and family, who do not understand it and do not want to learn 🤔.

I get closer together with my daughter.
She got empowered and experience a street art.
I find out, that my guitar is not suitable for performing, and it forced me to write more. See, this is already third written post.
I realized, I have to practice ton of time, to be able perform decent music at public places.

As with most things in life....learning, experiencing, polishing....

I am also writing blog on my website. Not the Cryptodignity, but my personal one.

Thank you for stopping by....❤️


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You've got such an engaging voice when you write! Keep it up!
   1yr ago
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You made my day! Thank you so much for expressing your opinion. It really motivated me to keep writing. Thank you again! :-)
   1yr ago
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@mishapelt You're very welcome! I'm so happy to hear that my comment was encouraging.
I've only been here on yours for a short time, but I can already tell that it's people like you, sharing their truths, who really make this place great.
   1yr ago
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I edited the post and add some emojis, which I learned today from @DecentralizedDan from this article:
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Wow, this situation has spread venezuelans all over the world, looking for a way to survive and help their families, what a casualtie that you met someone from Venezuela in Germany,
Greetings, Misha-
   1yr ago