Blockchain tech is the new boy in town, and while it has many use cases that range from supply chain to health industry, it looks like it's being used more in social medias.
Since I'm a curious cat, I've tested almost every single one of these decentralized social medias powered by blockchain including Here's my in-depth guide to them (in no particular order) and lessons I've learned along the way.
Minds is hailed as the "next Facebook." It offers free speech, your own customized channel, and at the same time you can make a blog on it. So, Minds take it one step further by giving users the ability to write blogs more than simply posting images, videos, or short statuses.
Moreover, most people are using Minds to express their opinions, which otherwise would be banned on centralized platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.
Infowars anyone?
When it comes to earning Minds token, you can earn it just by daily check-ins, having new subscribers, your posts getting "reminded" (reshared), comments, likes, and referrals.
Now, an easy way to find people on Minds you can subscribe to is to click on this icon "👥" at the top part of Minds homepage and voila! You'll see those top channels on Minds.
That's how I find Nobody's(Milica42) channel which provides interesting, thought-provoking and funny posts. I suggest you also subscribe to Bill Ottman, founder of Minds to get updated.
You can also subscribe to me of course. *winks*
And here's a link where you can sign up easily on Minds:
What are the cons though?
↠1 Mind token is equivalent to 1,000 views on your post you've boosted. That said, monetizing on Minds is still not as great as other dApps if you really want to convert it to fiat easily
As of now, you can only trade Minds token on Mercuriex, Etherdelta, and Forkdelta and the volume is quite low even though Minds has a big number of users. It's probably because Minds token has been officially launched just last August, and its main purpose is to be a utility token on Minds network, and there's no assurance that it will be listed on public exchanges.
Here's a tip from me: You can use the power of p2p payment if you want to receive cryptos such as Ether, XLM, or BCH on Minds by posting your wallet addresses on your channel for the cryptos you want to receive.
↠Minds Android needs improvements. Ugh. It's so laggy, I had to ditch it and use Minds on web instead which is as smooth as your lotion! So, I suggest you use Minds web for your seamless experience.
2. ONO
Ono is a dApp social media powered by EOS blockchain. I've been using it for a while now, and I've been enjoying it, since the UI looks fantastic, and it gives me that Medium-vibe. It has two sections called "articles" and "stories."
Articles are similar to blog content just like on Minds, but before you can write an article, you need to get verified first right on the Ono app either by submitting a picture of your passport or driver's license.
On the other hand, posting stories does not require you to get verified. Stories are short content you post either by writing usual statuses or sharing pictures.
To get started on Ono, you only need a code. You can use my code: 0RM1
Now, let's get to the cons:
↠Ono has massive users but a large number of it are Chinese, so you will see Chinese posts you don't understand, since Ono does not have a built-in translation system yet
↠Android app is still a little laggy in terms of slow loading of content, but most of the time it works great!
↠For some, the notification will work, while for others it won't especially if your Android version is 4.0 below (I don't know for iOS device)
↠ Privacy concern. I've noticed that aside from getting verified first if you want to post articles, Ono has also an access to your location. Getting verified through an ID is not something I'm very wary of, since its main purpose is to recognize that you are the person you claim to be. That's great, but location? That's a different story.
↠ONO tokens called Onots are not yet listed on exchanges, so you can't redeem your earned Onots yet
↠No support for videos yet
Over all, I love Ono app though, and it's been my go-to social media for sharing my mundane thoughts.
3. Lit
Lit is another cool social media. In this app, you can upload images and 10 second video plus it really works smoothly compared to other dApps social media I've tried.
Monetizing on Lit is easy as well especially when you've already garnered followers and your posts are getting the attention they deserve.
So, how easy is it?
Lit has a vault where you can swap your earned mithril tokens from your content to Ethereum and withdraw them to your personal wallet. You can also stake them if you want to increase your social mining.
Here is another great news. Ethereum won't be the only available cryptocurrency where you can swap your mithril tokens to. In Q4 2018, you can also exchange it to bitcoin and other more cryptocurrencies.
How cool is that? That means hassle-free conversions! But of course, since these dApps are still at their early phases, there will be cons.
Cons of Lit:
On your Lit feed, you will see tons of Asian posts. It's a bit tougher here to find some Western content.
A tip: Join Lit Telegram app, so you can introduce yourself there and ask them to follow you on Lit, or if they can help you find more people from other parts of the world.
To be honest, it took me a month, before I gained some followers on Lit too. I felt like a small fish amidst the giant whales. Patience is really a virtue.
↠ Some pictures you post get stretched out
Steemit is the most popular blockchain-powered social media out there. No doubt. One of its advantages too is its 1 million+ users come from different parts of the world, so you won't feel like an alien.
But...I feel like, this one is not just for me right . It's too complicated. You have SBD, Steem Dollar, and Steem Power. I get it. They are not really hard to understand, but if you want to get closer to your users, it should be a lot simpler.
The good thing about Steemit though, is if you have an Steem account, you can also use it on other Steem social medias such as Dlive and Tasteem. Your posts on Dlive and Tasteem will also be posted on Steemit. That's powerful.'s not that powerful to make me use it as often as I use other dApps.
So, what are the cons?
↠Notifications on eSteem Android app needs some fixes
↠You have to pay if you want to create an instant Steem account,or else you have to wait 2 weeks if you want to have a Steem account for free
↠Complex reward system
Decentralized. Money button. Ad-free. Powered by Bitcoin Cash. Blogging. Doodling.
These are what I can think of when I think of; but what separates it from the rest?
Here's what.
On Yours, monetizing is a lot way easier compared to the rest of dApps in this article.

So how do you get rewarded on Yours?

Easy peasy since money button works wonders. When someone upvotes, comments, or tips your content, you will earn Bitcoin cash, and you will immediately see how much that is in US Dollars.
Cashing out is also simple! There's no withdrawal limit. Just send your earned Bitcoin Cash to your personal Bitcoin Cash wallet or an exchange, and now you can exchange that to fiat or other cryptos.
You can also earn BCH just by voting early on content you find interesting, and if that content gets a lot of votes from other people, you have the biggest earnings of BCH. Therefore, curators and creators are both rewarded.
However, just like other dApp social medias, has also its fair share of cons:
↠Yours seems to be used by some people who do not promote productive content, but more like using the platform as a fundraising page
↠Monetizing is easy once you've gained followers, but not a lot if you've only spent a short time on Yours. Don't expect an instant $20 on your post when you're just starting out. It still really takes time.
↠Signing up for Yours has now an invitation code. If you don't have one, you can't sign up. Until now, I haven't heard yet from anyone how you can get code.
↠Does not have an Android app/iOS app yet
↠ Does not support a built-in image/video uploader
↠UI needs some improvements
Just a quick pro tip: If you are new on Yours, you can create an introduction post, so people will welcome you and even give you tips or upvotes.
I did not do that though, since I don't really feel comfortable talking about myself. Maybe, that will change. I don't know. :P
Well, so what now?

Oh lessons!

All right.
Let me tell you one by one.

1. Patience is a virtue

Establishing your solid page or profile will be hard, so gaining followers is tough. Don't be an entitled brat and expect people to follow you instantly.

2. Don't do it for the money

I am not a hypocrite. I like earning money. I like profits. I like rewards. But I do not do it for the sole purpose of making money.
I only post when I feel like to, or when I think I have something relevant to say. If I focus on money, I'd just get frustrated when my content won't get votes, and I'd write something just for the sake of "maybe this post will garner votes which means money."
Basically, if you focus too much on making money, you won't end up making more. Yet, if you just enjoy creating content, you're more likely to get rewarded. What a big mind-blowing truth. How ironic right? Well, that's the power of what Alan watts called as the "Backwards Law." The less effort you try to achieve something, the more you will achieve it. Let that sink in for a minute.

3. Quality over quantity

You might have a lot of content, but if they are nonsense and not helpful in any way, don't share it. The same goes for following or subscribing to someone. Don't hit that follow button even when you don't really like the content they create just for the sake of being followed back.

4. Don't expect a dApp to run perfectly

There are still room for improvements, since they are still at their beta phases. Enjoy the small bugs for now. The most important things are you are being rewarded for your content, and your privacy is an utmost priority. Plus, you have a freedom of speech. You can't get that from these centralized social medias such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. it's your turn! Let me know if you've tried these dApps as well, or are there dApps that you want me to explore? I'm stoked to find out!

P.S: I also tried other social media dApps like Trybe, onGsocial, and Soxaxx, but I did not use it for a long time, so I can't give them an in-depth guide.
This is my longest content on Yours so far. Approximate Total Time Read: 7 mins.
Namaste and keep growing,



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Thank you !
I had already been to Minds and Steemit, with much the same perspective as you write.
Steemit has deep credibility issues that will never disappear.
Minds may evolve, but who can say.
The instant gratification here on YOURS beats everything else. There is no competition to YOURS financially.
ONO was something I had heard about but never seen.
The privacy issues are quite important for some.
Regarding the invitation, rumors elsewhere are that this is merely a temporary measure to be revised hopefully soon. ( ? )
keep your insight coming !
   10mo ago
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>> Signing up for Yours has now an invitation code. If you don't have one, you can't sign up. Until now, I haven't heard yet from anyone how you can get code. <<
Would love to know why this is. Surely this is currently preventing adoption of If you find out the reason, please share!
   10mo ago
  earned 10.0¢
@TheOneLaw I appreciate that you wrote a well-thought comment! I think you should try Ono. It's really user-friendly, and you can feel that social media vibe instantly. On the other hand, Lit is also a great alternative to Yours when it comes to easier monetization of your content.
By the way, I still haven't heard tho from regarding the invitation code. I sent an email to them a few days ago. I hope they will let the users know ASAP.
   10mo ago
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@Trevor Parsons I will surely let you know once I hear from them. 😊
   10mo ago
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Wow, I didn't realize there were so many new blockchain-based social media platforms. Of course, I'd heard of Steemit but it seems complicated (and from what people describe, involves some amount of politicking?).
Thanks for taking the time to post your overview. :)
   10mo ago