What I Am About To Tell You, Happened In 1976 At The Edge Of The Village Takayama North Of Japan, Is A Town Located Between The Japanese Alps Where Its Greatest Income Was Agriculture And Where Live The Best Carpenters That You Could Know , Since In Century VIII This Was Its Unique Source Of Work For Being A Rich Region In Wood.

My father TOSHIRO MUKAI a man known and respected in this damn place that was stuck in time, with a character as cold as the climate around us.

In this town everyone knew nothing ever happened, the old houses are the only...
Interesting thing some are more than 700 years old, but like every town has its urban legend. One day I worked in my father's carpentry, it was a normal day, when suddenly the door burst open and a screaming lady entered, grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me several times, the only thing I could understand was: - Where is my son! Where is my son! I didn't know what to do but I tried to let go and I was crying... I was only 15 years old I had no idea what she was asking me. Fortunately my father came in and I took her off and sat her down in a wooden chair that squeaked a lot, and while she calmed down my father made a sign with my hand indicating that I was going, I ran to the next room, but I listened to the lady tell my father; - The Onis took him! The Onis have it!. I quickly remembered that story that my mother told me whenever I wanted to go to the forest without her consent, she told me; - Son, don't go to the forest alone, there live the giants Oni demons that have great sharp claws, have horns that protrude on the side of their face, they have several eyes scattered all over their face, their skin changes colors, they have a club iron with which they destroy the heads of children with the intention of sucking their soul -. Obvious that I never believed this garbage, I just din' t go to the forest for not disobeying my mom, but that day everything changed for me, it was when I decided to know more about that legend that everyone had so much fear, that day I decided to know the truth of what It had happened to that boy that the lady was looking for, but I never thought that it would turn against me.
To be continue....


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