Silence is the intuitive boundary that suggests the countless possibilities of events in the landscape of the unpredictable fate of mortals. Before the movement / sound / chord occurs, the endurance of the lonely and silent existence of the possibilities must be embraced. It's the time of preparation of thoughtless silence, self-observation and reading of the frequency of the moment. This is a silence like a fragile glass hall where the glories of future magnificence are being heard and revealing original simplicity.
Silence is the solitary melancholy hermeneutics of the moment in the dimensions that extend between ecstasy and curse. Intimate loneliness is always maintained by quiet peace in the cemetery of our destiny. Can the silence of inevitable death therefore be measured with the sound interval of life? What makes the silence so eloquent when all the dreams are conceived? Is it possible that the atmosphere of silence opens the space of original confrontation with the deepest permeations of hidden experiences, whether subjective accidents of reality, ornamental excitement of love, or unbearable whisper of conscience?
From four features of sound; height, tone color, volume and duration, the duration only includes sound and silence. Time is therefore a kind of composition of life. Silence can be understood as an expressive and theatrical overture that precedes the sound.


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