I decided to make a music video for my friend Dimitrije for his song ''Niko ni od koga'' (No one from anyone) from the EP Јужно (South).
That idea actually came into my mind when I was editing Seine & Katanec Tour Film and used that song for the ending. It was an amazing fit, the atmosphere the lyrics, so I decided to shoot more material and edit the whole road from North of the country to the South and then East to the border.
The video begins at the highway from Zagreb to Split (35okm) through white landscapes and snow blizzards.
And then, somewhere on the half of the road to the South you have this tunnel called ''Sveti Rok'', that's long 5 679 m (18,632 ft), and passes through the Velebit mountains. You enter the tunnel from harsh winter -15 °C and you go out into completely different southern climate where the temperature is +10 °C. And that happens in couple of minutes¨.
The southern climate is definitely less brutal, and a loooot warmer, but the fog was everywhere. Usually when you go trough the Sveti Rok tunnel you see endless desert and huge mountains in the background, but this weekend we couldn't see shit.
And as we traveled to Sinj, the fog was getting thicker and thicker, so the scenery was really cinematic, but I will write about that trip in my next post, because it's not relevant here for this music video so much. Here's how it looked:
After that, I decided to continue the video traveling to Herzegovina, going back to the mountains from Sinj through Dinaric Alps, and getting off the highway. (some of that material was from my last trip, maybe you've seen some of the shots in my Seine and Katanec Tour documentary. The shots blended perfectly with the new material, and it has total sense following the map.
Here's the link to the music video:


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