Who was the smart one who said: "Oh, yes, let's do some realistic works using only and just only dots"? Although, who would believe that with only dots you can do a lot? This time I’m working traditional as a demand from my university.
Cute ladybug that I wish would have given me luck.
Although my favorite part is digital art, whether I like it or not, sometimes I must create equally complex works using traditional media (mainly those from my master, Mr. University) so here I present "works of a slave ..." I mean "Works in realism # 1"😂
Actually, this is the second attempt of one of the longest projects of a single work in traditional, the first one ... there is a reason why I have not shown it yet.
This was actually the first work using points. One quiet long ... I think I should finish it someday ... maybe ... probably ... I do not know 😂
Better start with a new one, a simpler one that doesn’t take a lifetime and its reincarnation for doing so; and spite of how annoying it may seem, it is actually one of the most relaxing techniques among all. If you have time and want to calm down for a moment, I recommend them. If you have time!! if not ... you will suffer, and a lot.
At least this time I chose a simpler but interesting one, I hope that this ladybug would give good luck, because I will like it for this process.


The first part was to make the exact outline from each part, from the areas or basic form to the limits of each light and shade. First I wanted to start with the darkest area, which would be the legs and head. As a recommendation, it would be good that the darker parts be made first in order to know what limit you have or what tone should not be exceeded or arrived for the rest of the work.
Once I had the lower area ready, move on to what would be the lightest area or top. Although it was lighter and therefore needed less points, I also had to be careful that the shadows looked like shadows and the drops... in some areas I may not calculate well ^^ '.
But as I have always mentioned, it is important to keep an eye in general when you are painting, in this way you can know if everything works together: The important thing is not the object itself, but the relationship that each area has with the others. In the end it took me a whole day (although the background was not finished .... but shhh, nobody must know 😉).


Every dot has it’s own story :D
Although it seems a lot, it is actually a technique that, when done calmly, becomes very relaxing. I recommend them to take a day.
Now, time to have a tea and start a new job but in digital :D
Media used: Rapidograph.


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