I first learned how to mix records back in 1996, not long after I went to my first rave. Especially with the more tech-trance stuff, I was really amazed at how the DJs were able to hold wonderfully sustained mixes for several minutes perfectly beat locked the whole way through. I saw these mixes as works of art on their own, created through careful selection, timing, and hands-on vinyl manipulation. It was a style and artform I appreciated and mimicked. As a part of my DJ practice, I would create the challenge of finding pairs and series of records that were just meant to be together, and then finding the maximum and optimum time lengths that they could play and sync together. It was a constant process of trying different combinations and doing the mix over and over but releasing into the incoming record on different beat points each time, and hearing through how each release point would create different synergies of builds and peaks and breakdowns. Anyway it all started with a pair of old single speed cheapy decks from garage sales and eventually I saved up for a Techniques 1200 and then finally a real pair of 1210s :) Still got em and they still work great! Luckily I'm surrounded by a massive vinyl library, so they're still in use :)
While I don't mix records nearly as much as I used do, which was a lot, I do miss it, and I plan on doing at least 1 live vinyl DJ set per year, experimenting with all styles of music. I'm planting the seed for this intention right here on yours :)
Until then, here is a live, all-vinyl mix I made back in April of 2002. I had just been to Ibiza the summer before, and that incredibly amazing experience became a huge influence for this mix. I really wanted to DJ clubs and parties so I made this mix as a demo. I spent months selecting the records to use and practicing my mixes. I still listen to this mix on occasion, and I especially enjoy it for night time psychedelic road trips :)
If you like what you hear, there is a 320 mp3 download link behind the paywall :)
Thank you for listening!!


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i listened to the first few minutes and it took me back to my days at berkeley, 1015 folsom, circa 1997. awesome haha. thanks.
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