Gayatri alone was looking for any clues for those missing girls at Maa Bhavani Temple in the jungle of Mayapur village at midnight.
She didn't see anybody inside the temple at midnight one day before Maa Kali Puja. No body stay in the temple at night as it is situated in a jungle.
Gayetri is not proper resident of Mayapur. She is a housewife and staying at Kolkata with her husband. Her husband was a police officer. She came to visit Mayapur during Kali puja at her uncle's house. After coming here she come to know that from last one month one by one five girls of six to eight years old kidnapped. Police investigated the case but failed to rescue those girls. But they are still trying.
Gayetri involved in this case because she want to rescue those little girls from those criminals.
She gathers all information about those missing girls and she concluded that as all missing girls were from same village and at the same time all girls are about same age and belongs to Hindu Brahmin family. She was sure that somebody from Mayapur was involved in this kidnapping case. Those who kidnapped have some special motivation.
She also knew that some ascetic (Tantrik ) sacrificed small girls or boys in front of Goddess Maa Kali for acquiring special power.
Her inner mind was strict on that point as Mayapur is very famous for the festival of Kali Puja. Lots of tantrik, Yogi ( ascetic) worshiped Maa Kali in Mayapur jungle around Maa Bhavani Temple. There are many old temple of Maa Kali in Mayapur.
Gayetri always followed her inner voice. Almost ninety percent she was correct by following to her inner voice.
Gayetri was searching almost all old Maa Kali Temple since morning for finding any clues for those missing girls.
Finally she decided to go Maa Bhavani Temple at night.
After thorough search when she did not find any clues, she decided to go back her uncle's house.
On the way of returning home, she heard some phishing sound. She followed that sound and finally see some light inside that jungle. Somebody burnt the fire.
She was kept quiet and watching them. They are a group of tantrik who are pursuing tantra Sadhana inside the forest.
She saw nothing abnormal behaviour among them.
So she returned her uncle's home.
After returning home her uncle's ask her “where you go in the night “.
She speaks everything to her uncle.
She asks her uncle about those tantrik.
Her uncle speaks that they are staying in that jungle from a long time. They are good. Many people come to them for various reasons and they solved many of their problems. Nobody complain about them.
In the morning Gayetri and her uncle go to forest and meet those tantrik and Gayetri told her she have no child since she was married.
A new tantrik come to meet her and speaks her today he is going to perform a very hard rituals a high level of tantra Sadhana. If that tantra Sadhana finished successfully then she will get the desired result.
Gayatri got that point. She agree with him and speak him she is ready to give her anything if she get the desired result. Gayetri was shocked that the tantrik was not asking anything in return from her. So she believed that those tantrik was good.
Then both of them left that place and they go to another famous Temple for worshipping Maa Kali and asking help from Goddess.
On their way Gayetri see a very old house. She was also seen a very old Maa Kali Temple inside that house.
Gayetri asking her uncle about the old palace . Her uncle telling her that it was the house of very Bhivuti Da. Previously they were the landlord of Mayapur. Now all of their lands were distributed to Poors.
Bhivuti Da was very helpless as he doesn't have any sons and both his legs was damaged after a massive heart attack. He was trying all medical treatment to cure his legs but not any treatment was successful. He was always sitting on a wheel chair.
His wife take care of him. No body visit this house as Bhivuti da don't want to see anybody inside the house.
Gayetri with her uncle come inside the house. They have seen that Bhivuti Da sitting inside the temple with her wife. One priest arranged everything for today's Kali Puja.
Gayetri put her head down in front of Maa Kali with great devotion telling Maa Kali “ Maa I have no sons since I married, Maa blessed me a son, I will give you gold necklace, and start crying”.
The priest listen her voice and tell her “ don't cry , today he going to do a big rituals in front of Maa Kali. Maa Kali surely listen you”.
Gayetri tell him “ I also come during this rituals and worshiped Maa Kali, please allow me to come”.
Suddenly Bhivuti Da shouted on Gayetri “ No , nobody come to my house, go, go from my house now”.
Gayetri understand something . She and her uncle leave the place.
Gayetri call his husband immediately and tell her “ there is going to something wrong in Bhivuti's house today”.
Gayetri tells her husband ,who is also a police officer , to tell the local police station to watch in Bhivuti's house today night.
Gayetri husband understand Gayetri very well and he call local police station to watch Bhivuti's house secretly.
Gayetri and his uncle come to visit Bhivuti's house at night .
“Door was locked from inside, Bhivuti's house was totally dark at night. They come inside by climbing up on wall of Bhivuti's house very carefully.
They slowly come inside the temple , but don't see anybody.
Gayetri was surprised that on the occasion of Maa Kali Puja nobody inside the temple, though rituals of Kali Puja already started in others temple.
So she keep silent and looking surroundings the temple and his house very carefully.
But all over the temple and the house is very quiet, as like nobody's here.
His uncle speak her as this was very old temple and he heard that in many old temple there was a secret chamber inside.
So Gayetri and his uncle come very close to goddess Maa Kali.
Gayetri put his head down to the ground and try to hear anything form the down.
Yes she got it , she listen something from bottom of the ground.
She was right, there was a secret chamber definitely, then she and her uncle try to move idol of the goddess Maa Kali .
After moving the idol from its position she found a secret chamber inside.
Now she heard the sound of the Maa Kali Puja rituals.
Her uncle's speaking that it is not safe to go down in this secret chamber alone, because of those little girls safety.
So Gayetri informed local Police Station. Immediately police force came and they go inside the secret chamber very carefully.
All of them are very surprised. They have seen that Mr Bhivuti Da and her wife and the priest are their inside.
All of the five girls are tied with the r ope. Bhivuti Da and his priest motivation was to kill/sacrifice them in front of goddess Maa Kali .So goddess will bless them and Mr Bhivuti cured completely from his disease.
Police cautch each of them , Mr Bhivuti and her wife and the priest for kidnapping those five little girls.
All of those five girls were rescued immediately and send them to their parents.
Police departments rewarded Mrs Gayetri for rescuing of those girls from those foolish criminals.
Goddess maa Kali never want any Sacrifice. Goddess only want devotion from us.
It is the work of some greedy, cruel and hypocrite tantrik those influenced some helpless people like Bhivuti Da to perform this kind rituals.
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