This is Rolando.
Bellow is tune, derived from his name.
He got fed by Alberto, using the first money he received for his project to feed people. I am changing my 100 Day of Nubmer_Sonic Notes from words, into project that will feed people. 100 bellies is the aim. Some day I might to make few tunes and some days will be without. It is not day by day anymore. It is customized.
The initial investment of 5 dollar was provided to have a start. Hopefully, every melody made can generate some more to feed more people.
20% of earning from this post, goes to my Saving post, 80% goes to Alberto, to feed others and himself as well. When he does so, he gives me name and possibly picture for the next tune.
Maybe we can let this rolling, together.
If someone (from Venezuela or other place that needs help) would like to do the same like Alberto, I will happily make the tune.
If someone (musician) would like to do the same like me, sure there is a way.
If somebody wants to tip me, please do it in the comment or on my profile, then I know, what is for me, and what is for others.
May good things keep happening. Spread the tune around, if you like others to see it.
Thank You.

There is nothing except a message for you, behind the paywall, and normally I do not use it. In this project, I will use the paywall from the reason it reveals the button with price and it might encourage people to click on it.


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  earned 25.0¢
In this comment you can tip me, if you like. Otherwise all the earnings goes to other hands then mine. :)
   2yr ago
  earned 10.0¢
Misha <3, how are you? Nice song! I've been absent this days because I have connection problems in home, thanks a lot for the tip! its not so much, but it means a lot to me, I'm searching for the next person, and I think I've already found her, we'll stay in touch okay? take care, thanks for your good vibes, god bless you and your beautiful girls!
   2yr ago