SatoshiDoodles shared the #100DayProject and I would like to take a part.
When I said it at home, my older girls reaction was: "Cool, can I do it too?"
The other girl of-course wants to join in as well.
They will need my help with uploading the staff online (and I am not a master, but a learner)
so I need to pick something easy, I also already do CryptoDignity and YoursDignity, and well, commitment is a challenge for me.
But this looks like fun, and educational for the kids.
I will then chose 100 words, and play their sound on my guitar. It will be the same word, in English, Spanish and Czech language.
I will do it for 100 days, or better say, I do my best to do it for 100 days, and the girls will do 50 days each. Like that one day I help Anika, one day Paola and we will create and focus in the same timeline. Hopefully by the end of the time period, they will be skilled enough to do it themselves.

Thank you @SatoshiDoodles for bringing it up.

Mine first word is Love and I am going to post as soon as I figure out if in Music or in Art category.