We're having a giveaway to promote the launch of Datnoid! The rules are simple; Sign up on https://datnoid.com and post your datnoid profile in the comments.

$3 will be tipped for creating an account and 'owning' any coin of your choosing.
$4 will be tipped for doing the above + upvoting any post.
$5 will be tipped for doing all of the above + submitting a post on any coin (a reason to buy, or sell, etc).

The contest will go on for the first 100 users, or until funds are depleted.

Here's the fine print.

you will be awarded based upon the level of completion at the time of your comment submission on yours.

There is a $5 max tip per user and although you will not receive anything extra for 'reviewing' a coin, we recommend doing so for your favorite coins. It's a bunch of simple yes or no questions.

Datnoid was built as a way to evaluate cryptocurrencies with smarter metrics than just market capitalization and price charts. We realize that there is a lot of information involved in determining the value of a coin and it helps to factor in how other users perceive that coin as well. Please let us know what you think and welcome to the Datnoid community.

Follow us on social media to get the latest news on our next giveaway (which will be soon).

If it becomes an issue, yours accounts that are less than 1 day old will not be eligible.

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