We recently announced the release of the "Advanced" version of AKARI-PAY https://github.com/AKARI-B3/akaripay - AKARI-PAY is a free one-file payment tool that encourages donations for yourself or your projects.
This adds additional free features to the free and open-source one-file fully-responsive donation/pay pages that anyone with a web-host can take advantage of to accept Bitcoin Cash with zero fees and instant transactions!
Read the announcement post here on Reddit:
We were also surprised but happy to be featured on Bitcoin.com with a great write-up:
We've already had a few interested parties consider leveraging the new tool for the campaign, as well as a few individuals looking to launch some fundraisers.
We are working on making it even easier and creating another similar tool to go hand-in-hand with AKARI-PAY to make starting your own BCH fundraiser even easier (Even if you don't have a webhost).
Meanwhile, we are working on the other projects listed on http://agf.earth including updating our main website. We also created a Dev-Chat to help support any Bitcoin Cash developers or individuals seeking to leverage BCH donations to help support their own projects.
Here is a DEMO of our own donations page.
Also, as part of our Educational Media Program / Akari Media Platform (AMP), we have released a bullet-point infographic detailing the reasons to recommend Bitcoin Cash:
Stay tuned for more updates soon. If you use AKARI-PAY or appreciate the work we are doing, please consider donating using the buy button below, your donation will not only help us but will also introduce newcomers to Bitcoin Cash and spur on others who are starting projects in the BCH ecosystem or using Bitcoin Cash to raise funds.
Thank you!


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How does this compare with moneybutton.com? Competition, or doing something different?
   2yr ago
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I think they are different, there is space for both for certain, moneybutton will allow anyone to sell any digital file or content quite easily I think, it seems like it would be great for creators.
AKARI-PAY Advanced and our other tools are more directed towards open-ended goal campaigns and fundraising campaigns. Each have different advantages depending on the context.
   2yr ago
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