When I was too young and living in a Village of Bankura with my parents. Most of our villager’s were uneducated specially woman. Savitri who was a housewife living with her husband house with her mother-in-law. Her father-in-law was died because of grief.
His only one son Amit was leaving his house for earning money but and he didn't came back.
Savitri and her mother-in-law both were working hard in their agricultural lands for a living. They were selling cow dung and woods which they brought from nearby jungle for their living.Life was very tough for Savitri without husband. Since nine years she living alone without her husband.
Savitri worshipped all God and Goddesses and prayed for her husband returned.
The date I can't remember but it was during holi festival a colourful festival of India, Savitri was busy in making foods for all villagers.
Suddenly in the evening one old man screamed “Ghost Ghost”. He saw Amit after nine years. Amit was looking so lean and so black that nobody remembered him.
Somebody told Savitri that Amit returned to village. Savitri was very happy after looking Amit infront of her.
Before Anybody asked anything Amit told that he went to Kamakhya village, Assam for work and he was fallen in trap by a Witch.
Witch convert him into a goat in the night and in the morning she converted him back to human.
There were lots of peoples from different states traped by that witch. He have to work hard in the agricultural work throughout the day. Witch didn't gave them foods properly. One day the witch convert him into a goat but forgot to bind him in the night. So he escape from that place . When he crossed the Kamakhya village he turned back into a human . After lots of day walking he finally came to Gauhati railway station and then returned to home now.
All those uneducated villager's including her wife Savitri and his mother believed Amit’s story.
After returning home Amit started living with his wife normally and after certain time Savitri born a son.
Time was passing and everything was going normal. But one day in the morning Savitri didn't see her husband Amit. Amit leave his house alone.
Nobody understand Amit's behaviour.
After some years I got a railway job I was unfortunately posted in Kamakhya.
I was very afraid of those Witch living in Kamakhya.
But when I reached Kamakhya village I didn't see any witch in Kamakhya but I saw very beautiful Assamese Ladies in Kamakhya.One Sunday when I was moving around Kamakhya I saw Amit . He was residing in a village with a Assamese Lady. He already married that lady and he had a child called Babu.
I understood everything . Amit make his wife Savitri and my villager's fooled as her wife and those villager's was uneducated by telling a story of a witch.There were so many villages in India where people still believed in witch and ghost and magic.
Lots of smart people are there who make those villager's fooled by telling stories of witch and ghost.



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