UPDATED: 9th August, 2018. (See the end of the post).
UPDATED: 31st August, 2018. (See the end of the post).
This is my first yours.org post and I wanted to make a post that not only lets me fully explore the features of yours.org, but one that also gives back to the BCH community.
Whilst I work on some other kinds of articles in the background, I thought I could start with a relatively simple puzzle, that when solved, will provide the lucky winner access to an amount of BCH.

The prize pot

A starting BCH prize of 0.1 BCH can be found at the following address:
The amount of BCH that can be won is currently 0.1 (at the time of writing is worth about $75 USD) though, it will be updated on a weekly basis to be at least equal to 90% of the total net funds generated by this post, assuming, of course, that the puzzle has not been solved by that time. In effect the more people that participate, the more the prize will be worth.
Note that after recuperation of the initial prize the remaining deductions cover the 5% yours.org fee, a 5% fee for myself (equal to the take by yours.org), and the remaining 90% is prize money.

How the prize pot is calculated (full disclosure)

As an example, assuming this post generated $250, the total prize money would be doubled, to $150 worth of BCH (based on the price of BCH at the time the increase is made).
$250 - $12.50 (5% yours.org fee) - $12.50 (5% fee for me) = $225
$225 - $75 (initial prize value recuperation) = $150
In the above situation, after the initial prize and paying yours.org their 5%, I'd make the grand sum of $12.50.
If this post generated $1000, the total prize money would be $825.
$1000 - $50 (5% yours.org fee) - $50 (5% fee for me) = $900
$900 - $75 (initial prize value recuperation) = $825
After the initial prize and paying yours.org their 5%, I'd make the grand sum of $50.
As you can see, I'm not here to make huge amounts of money (I'd be day trading instead of creating challenges, if that was the case), but simply to explore yours.org and use the experience to shape my future plans for the platform.

Rules for the puzzle

When the puzzle has been solved, it will grant the winner access to all the BCH at the previously provided address. The winner is strongly encouraged transfer the BCH to a wallet that they control or run the risk of another person claiming the funds.
The puzzle data and the first clue will be provided for free. Three additional clues will be provided behind the pay wall for a small fee. As mentioned before, when the post revenue reaches a certain level, the prize will be increased accordingly so the more that take part, the more overall prize money there will be (subject to the fully disclosed calculations of prize money above).
As time goes on and assuming the prize has not been claimed, additional clues will be provided. As I am not yet 100% certain on how yours.org works (first post), I will either update this post to include the new clues (and increase the pay wall amount accordingly to reflect the additional clues), or more likely, I will create new articles with the additional clues behind new pay walls. For this reason it will pay to follow me on yours.org in order to be sure to be notified of future posts.
There is currently no set schedule for the release of new clues; it will depend on the general interest levels. The puzzle is not time sensitive in any way.
The puzzle prize will remain available until it has been claimed.
The fiat value of the prize may go up (or down) over time just due to the BCH price changing over time and I have no control over that, nor any idea what will happen in future in that respect!
(EDITED 9th August, 2018): The final solution to the puzzle and the meanings of the clues will be published once the problem has been solved, so as to be fully transparent to all participants.

A note on clues

The clues for this puzzle are intended to be like riddles; they are not necessarily direct clues, but include plays on words, analogies and other obfuscation techniques. Thus each clue itself is a mini-puzzle that when solved will help solve the overall puzzle.

Target audience / required knowledge

The solution to this puzzle does not require any knowledge of cryptography or any programming skills, though some knowledge of numbers and basic computer related numerical concepts will be useful. Access to a computer would help expedite the solution to the puzzle, though a computer is not strictly speaking, required to solve the puzzle. It could be solved using paper and a pen. (Though it will be necessary to validate the result on the BCH block chain (i.e., try to claim the funds) and this will require a device that is capable of making such a connection).

The puzzle data

The puzzle data is as follows:
143 155 116 113 141 123 137 147 117 164 141 153 111 64 163 141 167 164 123 145 151 166 63 106 170 60 146 65 124 147 121 65 121 60 122 161 155 166 110 64 143 162 155 67 144 102 154 153 144 165 116
The first free clue is:
Clue # 1: "The opposite of this site"
As previously mentioned, you can find three additional clues behind the paywall section.
Update: 9th August, 2018.
Alas, the current bear market has deflated the value of the prize and so given that it wasn't a huge prize to start with and that yours.org is still gaining traction, the interest to this point in time hasn't been huge to say the least. That said, there's no rush, and the prize isn't going anywhere (unless someone solves the problem) and over time, the value of the prize will increase and along with that should come in increase in interest and an increased prize pool.
My thinking right now is that I'll release a new clue (behind a different pay wall) at the end of each month, until all clues are published. In the meantime if I get lucky with a trade or what have you, I'll try to sweeten the pot a little from my modest private stash.
Also, if you are interested in BCH and in yours.org, feel free to drop a tiny amount into the prize address too. Note that if you do this though, you are taking the risk that as the competition creator I possess the private key to the prize address, and so could theoretically run off with any extra prize money that you deposit, so I strongly suggest to keep any contributions to the prize pool small (e.g., $1).
Over time, I hope to demonstrate my utmost integrity on this platform so such a proposal as the one above wouldn't raise eye brows, but I realize (as we all do) that the crypto space is full of scammers, so please take on board the warnings above, knowing the risk you take if you do contribute to the prize pool. If you have any doubts what so ever, then don't contribute; I'll understand.
So for now I'll pencil in a date of September 1st for the next clue to be published. Thanks for joining me on this journey to explore yours.org and do something positive for the BCH community.
Update: 31st August, 2018.
September 2018 Clue can be found here:


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