I don't really know what is going on here.
But I am curious.
There are people playing around with the tools being built by the developer known as @_unwriter.
Something something OP_RETURN, sockets, loops, bots, money, time, confetti...???!!!
The other day I typed a message into Whiterab.bit's Bitcoin SV Guestbook. Magically, it was timestamped here and also instantly appeared on the op_return Twitter feed as an sv.memo.cash post (I did not pay for this transaction):
This morning, I came across an experiment-in-progress that invited me to type my Handcash wallet handle as a Twitter comment to Whiterab.bit. Somehow this led to an almost instant transaction (a penny!) to my Handcash wallet, like a faucet.
What is happening? Are time, money, and the internet getting mingled together?

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peer to peer *networks*
are connecting. So much focus on living flesh people-to-people transactions the true purpose of Bitcoin seems to have been misinterpreted.
It's a p2p electronic cash *SYSTEM*
Now, systems peered together can communicate, transact with each other, which in turn enables people to connect efficiently :)
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