Anise Tatlin (アニス・タトリン Anisu Tatorin?) is one of the protagonists and a Fon Master Guardian in Tales of the Abyss.
The true reason Anise is so greedy is because her parents, Oliver Tatlin and Pamela Tatlin, got themselves deep in debt. Due to their gullibility, they did not notice that they were being conned until most of their money was gone. Grand Maestro Mohs saw this and offered to take them out of debt, as long as they worked for him, so Anise could not refuse his demands, especially after Mohs took her parents hostage.
This eventually led to Anise spying on the party, and giving away their location so that the God-Generals could attack them. Anise later betrayed them, taking Ion away to Mohs so Ion could read the Planetary Score. He died after reading this, making Anise feel responsible for his death. She makes amends with the party and rejoins the group, believing it to be what Ion would have wanted. When the party encounters Arietta in the Cheagle Woods, Anise fights her in a duel and wins. As Arietta dies, Anise mourns for her despite the animosity between the two.
Later in the story, when the party journeys to the Absorption Gate for the second time, Anise rescues a forgotten replica of Ion who was forced to read part of the Score that Mohs had obtained from Van. Despite having read part of the Score, this Ion replica survives and is brought back to Daath with the party. They decided to make this new replica the replacement for Ion, and he grows quite fond of Anise. When deciding on what to name the replica since the idea of "Ion" being alive would cause confusion, Anise gives the new Ion the name "Florian", making the Ion replica very happy. She promises to visit him more when the battle is over before the party goes on to confront Van at Eldrant.
In a manga sidestory titled "Dance Gaiden", Anise's secretive and mature nature is revealed to have stemmed from being bullied by a group of older female Oracle Knights out of jealousy for her position as Fon Master Guardian.