The chocobos are fantastic birds that appear in the famous videogame saga "Final Fantasy" by Square Enix. Morphologically they are enormous galliform birds that in their common version can not fly but that, on the other hand, have the capacity to move at great speed by land, like the ostriches. The majority does not know how to speak either, only emits the onomatopoeia "WARK" or "KUE". They appeared for the first time in the second installment of the saga, Final Fantasy II. Together with the moguri they are considered as the mascots of the videogame
In general humans use chocobos as a mount to travel, either riding or using it to pull a cart. This transport is faster than traveling on foot and avoids random battles at the same time. On other occasions they play the role of adventurer instead of the rider, and can even speak the common language.
However, in each installment of the saga the role given to the chocobos may vary.