This is an animation of the Cuphead video game, surely some of you have heard about it, the story is quite interesting, then I make a brief review of the video game:
Cuphead and Mugman were two brothers who lived together under the supervision of their grandfather, The Elder Kettle. One day they entered the Devil's casino, which was run by King Dice. As they win many games, El Diablo tells them that if they win a last round they will become the owners of the casino and that otherwise they will take over their souls. Cuphead, blinded by ambition, accepted the challenge and lost. The brothers implored the Devil not to take their souls and this one proposed to them that if they take the contracts of their debtors to the Devil, they will conserve them.
In general what I like the most as in the previous drawing are the designs of the video game, its characteristic challenge style that is also based on the illustration style of cartoons like looney tunes which makes it very visually striking and without a doubt a very representative game and different from the last years.
(Something I had not said before, what I use mainly for my drawings are graphite pencils and a fine point marker for the outline, the other shadow effects are pencil).