Hello today I bring you a drawing of an emblematic character of the children's animation, gato felix or also known as felix el gato; his first appearance dates back to 1919 and was characterized by being a character from the silent film era, over time he gained a lot of popularity that made him have his own Holliwood films being probably the most charismatic character on the screen behind Charles Chaplin.
Felix's cartoons were also very successful among critics, who saw magnificent works in Surrealism in the film industry.
This character was consolidated over time and became one of the animations with the greatest impact and admiration in the cinema.
In my opinion, @Moises I really like this type of animations that have to do with its design and retro style, I think they are those gems that remain in time and represent in some way the origin of the concept of animation itself of cartoon in recent times.
As always I hope you like it and I will continue uploading reviews and content of drawings.