Koopa Troopa is one of the enemies in the Nintendo Mario video game series. They are beings similar to turtles, is the most common of the Koopa. The Koopa Troopa are the most common soldiers of the Koopa Army that works for Bowser. As the second lowest rank of Koopa Army members, they patrol their assigned areas on foot. The Koopa Troopa appear for the first time in the arcade game Mario Bros. under the name of "Shellcreepers". In Super Mario Bros., they were renamed "Koopa Troopa" which means high protector. They can be used as projectiles after making them hide in their capabilities. They are green and red, some can fly because they have wings. Super Mario World brought drastic changes to the Koopa Troopa, altering their way of walking (on two legs and wearing shoes). He could also be expelled from his abilities, revealing that they wore a T-shirt.
The Paper Mario saga presents friendly Koopas that have their own cities, and are even rescued by Mario on several occasions. The generic Koopa Troopa have also appeared throughout the Mario Party saga as NPC's. Koopa Troopas have been playable in Mario Kart games and other sports games in conjunction with Paratroopas.