Hi how's everything? After a while, I return with my random drawing session, I will try to be more consistent because sometimes time does not allow it.
I start with a drawing about an enemy of the videogame Megaman, below I leave the description:


In the 20XX era, the first Met robot was created by Dr. Thomas Light, as a worker robot in charge of Guts Man. They were part of Dr. Albert Wily's first attack on the first "Mega Man".
In "Mega Man 2", Neo Met appeared, which is the most emblematic model of this type of robot: the rest of the Met robots would become the only Neo Met variations. Given its great popularity, its mass production is far superior to that of other robots, so it is not strange to see it participate in each of the incidents of Dr. Wily.
In "Mega Man 3" appeared the Giant Met, which is the first giant robot of the Met class [first Sub-Head of the Met class], and then, in "Mega Man 4", Dr. Wily built Met King, the First Chief of the Met class.
From "Mega Man 4", with the arrival of Snorkel Met, a specialized Met for aquatic terrains, they began designing Mets robots with unique capacity. Given his large number and his "indestructible helmet" repels the Mega Buster, and even all the Special Weapons of Mega Man, Dr. Wily has not hesitated to bring a Met in his different appearances, however, most of the Mets are only reprogrammed industrially. robots, so Dr. Wily has managed to create robots.