Fickle as the wind
Simple as the Sun,
Run, run, run
Little man,
In place to find your grace,
Space, space,
You must face this place
To grow your inner Race,
Peace of mind,
Unwind and you will find
True soul that makes you whole,
Working on this majic
To make myself fantastic,
Elastic, I move with the flow,
Inner light aglow
One thing I don't know,
As I work to grow..
Why, oh why is it
I'm missing the magnificent?
Hither sent to walk this road alone?
A part of me, part from me,
Ring, ring the phone
No one's home..
Love absent,
Harder to down then a bottle of Absynth,
Where, oh where did you go?
So beautiful are the stars,
Why then my heart behind bars?
Ever present,
I'm healing,
Where, oh where did you go?
A constant reminder,
My soul,
One thing I don't know,
As I work to grow..
Are the memories of old,
Reminding me of the stories it told,
Love everlast,
But fragile like glass,
Last, last...
Fast, fast
From the darkness of days
And wicked of my ways,
But the one that won't walk away
Are the memories,
Each and every one, here to stay
Of the days and the ways,
It desires more
My heart, holding store
Something more it says,
Something more...
What is this longing for?
Why is the love ever present
To reminisce it,
Why is it held from my present
Seeking in my presence,
A future to never step in?
Absent, absent,
Down, down the bottle of Absynth,
Where did it go?
Oh love where did you go,
Where or why I don't know,
Return love, come back to me
My soul speaks it's longing
Words of songing,
Yet always a place, ever present
Empty even in space..
Waste, haste, things I must face
Face them alone, will I?
Is The Will be that I,
Will always long for,
A love held,


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