My name is Ndee "Jkid" Okeh. I'm a Black American with Autism. I'm was a IT professional, photographer, author, and political researcher. I've been a sole provider for my chronically unemployed parents since October 2014.
For those of you who want to know what I look like. Here it is:
I often don't have the money to take of myself and for regular beard shaves because going to the barber's cost money. Most of my income and my family's income from oddjobs goes toward the house, gas, electric, and water.
When I got a new job in May 2014, I had plans to pay off my student debt, credit card debt, move into my own place and have my own savings so I can have a long-term goal of being a non-fiction author while having a career in IT. But that was completely destroyed when I found out that my parents got laid off on October 2014 from a major tech corporation because they wanted to be replace them with cheaper college students half their age. At that point I’ve tried getting all sorts of assistance for them, including public housing and section 8 vouchers. All those attempts to get public housing and section 8 was proven impossible.
Impossible because the waitlists have been closed for years. And Housing Assistance and Allowances has never been fully funded by the Prince Georges County Government in Maryland for years. Only help available was food stamps and medicaid. I had to forgo moving out, and sacrifice my financial, physical and mental health in the long run to keep my parents who are over the age of 50 from living in the streets. dumping my parents in the streets would be irresponsible and I would be blamed anyway if I do so by people who take their parents for granted.
Every last one of them implied or explicitly tell me straight up that I need to dump them in a homeless shelter. Not knowing, and despite telling them that the homeless shelters are full, basically telling me that if McDonalds can't hire over 50s where they live, they need to die in the streets. Some seriously suggest that they should become prostitutes.
Despite their skills in Contract Administration,Event Planning,HR, and recruiting, they have yet to find any full time work at all since they were laid off. When they lost their jobs, they were 50, now they’re 54 and no employer in the area want to hire them because they do not want to pay more in health insurance premiums or pay more in experience, and the fact that they're over 50.
Not fast food restaurants or wal-mart want to hire them. or Dollar stores don't want to hire them. My parents kept calling them back for them to set up a interview and they made excuse and excuse why they can't do a interview with my parents.
They tried working at a temp agency this year which only gotten them work at a warehouse, which caused them a leg injury and back pain. A trip to the doctor discovered that they have osteoporosis. They tried getting SSI and SSDI but the process will take years due to the massive backlog. When we get approved my parents would already be homeless.
All they have is odd jobs they struggle to get every week to pay the rent. I just provide the lions-share of the rent including gas, water, electric, and internet bill for the past four years. And recently the internet has been cut off so it's a lot harder to seek anywork. All we have is the basics and we are already behind on bills since my unemployment benefits ran out on May 5th.
As for me, I’ve been trying to seek better paying work ever since. I’ve applied for job after job, around 2,000 to 4,000 jobs since they lost their job and for the most part I get nothing, or generic rejection letters. At one point, I was given a email explicitly telling me that there was a emergency came up and the interview was canceled and will not be rescheduled.
I had to sacrifice life milestones, social, career, and economic opportunities that most people proudly take for granted: Paying off student loans, paying off credit cards, having savings, having a convention and travel fund, developing hobbies, friends, and social contacts, developing a career network, traveling to domestic and foreign countries. Having your own apartment/house, having peace and quiet. Going out and making friends…
All of these milestones and oppotunites I was forced to missed out on, some of them permanmently, because I have to be a sole-provider for my parents.
My financial situation for a long time was slowly deteriorating: I could not pay my credit cards except at the bare minimum. Now, almost all of them are in default. Student loans: They're 5 months past due. We had to abandon the apartment when my parents unemployment ran out. Now no one wants to rent any other apartment to us until the 4,000 past due rent is paid in full.
Even then, my credit rating has tanked making it impossible to even rent a apartment even if it's paid off.
The entire situation made me have chronic stress, speech impediment I've developed, typing and writing problems where I misspell words with no fault of my own. These and other symptoms are a result of chronic stress and fatigue from having to support my chronically unemployed parents for the past four years. I have experienced these symptoms for a year now.
My financial situation has gotten much worse when I got laid off from my job via no fault of my own on October 31st , 2017. I was laid off from my IT job due to a federal contractor transition.
The new federal contractor put out a low bid and could not afford to hire back everyone. So despite me feeling like I do most of the work at the place I was laid off. Despite experience in IT Help Desk, IT Troubleshooting, Windows Laptop and Desktop Quality Control and Assurance, Linux System Administration, and IT Asset management, I had yet to receive a job offer since the time I was laid off.
3,000 over job applications over the first six months of unemployment and I only had 5 in person interviews. 3 of them were fake, and 2 were ones that they turn out that the interviewer was extremely picky and wanted a perfect candidate.
I've written a e-book about it, which sadly won't get published because I don't have the time or energy to write it anymore.
And I live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area where I get comments and messages that the IT Job Market is hot, and hotter than the sun. But no one wants to help me get a job or refer me to a employer they work for except generic advice.
And people who I reach out for help constantly give me generic advice, or intensively tell me that I should drive a truck, join the army, learn a trade, or learn to code. I can’t do those because I do not have a drivers license for the 1st one, autism for the second option ,scoliosis for the third, and I have chronic stress for the fourth.
And just today, I was suggested I should join the army because "they missed their recruitment target", and I had to tell them I have autism and army does not accept people with autism in their ranks.
Despite a 3.8 unemployment rate spouted by Democrats and Republicans, companies are still picky while desperate for workers. Job fairs, recruiting firms, major companies all acted the same despite my marketable skills. I tried taking advantage of the six month paid job training program at the American Job Center at Largo (Prince Georges County). I should be employed and working months ago. It wasn't until months later they admitted after filing out the forms and doing the test and the one class orientation that they had no jobs available for me.
I've attempted to get fast food and retail jobs but they either never gotten back to me, rejected after filling out personality quizzes, or stalled and made excuses on why they can't move forward after a in-store interview. I was even rejected for a $12 an hour insurance sales job because even though I passed on standard personality quiz, they had me do another personality quiz where I was rejected because I was a Thinker and not the personality they want.
I attempted to get jobs via the federal government via their Schedule A program. I’ve even applied for those jobs via a disability job fair in DC this year. But most of them either never returned any of my phone calls afterwards, or admitted that the Schedule A offices are understaffed and will take at least a year to be hired at the federal departments that have Schedule A jobs available. Even though I’m also registered at the MD Department of Rehabilitative Services, I have yet to successfully get any type of gainful employment via their job coaches.
I've tried seeking help from religious non-profits and charities, but they can't help, will not help, or stonewall me. One time one religious non-profit promised to help, but then one week later ignored my follow up phone calls. Despite my best efforts, I have not gotten a full time job. Not even people offering contract jobs were interested in my skills. And as a result, I’ve finally ran out of unemployment on May 5th, 2018.
On May 5th, 2018. At that point my financial situation has been on free-fall down straight from rock bottom to six feet under. Our family and I have been at the edge of homelessness ever since. All our bills are past due.
Sadly for me, I have no close friends or people I know that can help me. And people who promised help with finding work either are too busy or will not return my messages after a week later.
As we slowly descend into the edge of homelessness, I wanted to rent my own basement room which is separate from the house and live upstairs. But despite advertising on craigslist and in the University of Maryland and roommate websites, there has been no takers. My room is just full of boxes and a air mattress so that I can quickly move the boxes to a storage facility when they pay, but that never happened.
Here is my room. This is what I'm talking about
I've tried raising awareness of my situation to democrat politicians, celebs, prominent twitters, but rarely get a response. They talk about the poor a lot, but when they see a actual poor person asking for help, they shun and ignore.
I’ve done all I can for my parents, I’m mentally and physically exhausted and I want a fresh start for me and my parents. We want our lives back.
If you have it in your heart to help me and my family out of this crisis, please consider donating to my fundraiser here:
Me and my family are at the edge of homelessness, and we are completely out of options.
My goal is to get raise the equivalent of $10,000 USD that is to my knowledge 14 BCH. Give my parents at least $3,000 USD, and for me to use the rest to pay off some bills and move to a more affordable city in the East coast where jobs are more easier to get. My ultimate goal is at least the equivalent of $100,000 USD in BCH so I can pay off my credit cards that are in default, my student loans, give at least $10,000 to my parents, and use the rest to live frugally while I can have my own life so I can pursue my own dreams.
I want to use the funds for the following: I want to write at least one non-fictional book. I want to travel across the United States, Britain, and visit Japan and Taiwan to show people how easy it is to buy and sell bitcoin cash across the world. I want to study and earn certs for Linux, AWS, and Security plus. I want to have my own place to live not worrying if my parents become homeless. I want to have my own life.
Right now, I’ve raised .35 BCH for my fundraiser. And already things are about to be cut off: Electricity will be cut off on 20th of October and Water will be cut off on 5th of October. If I can get at least some money in by the 3rd of October and half of the goal by October 10th 2018, I would be greatful.
Thank you for reading my story, and God bless.
P.S. And if anyone coming here telling me that I'm faking my debt or I'm frauding people. Here's my proof of my situation. Laid off letter and my student loan verification letters.
P.S.S. If you prefer: you can also donate via gofundme as well:
Thanks and again, God bless.


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The Bitcoin BCH community MUST help this being. He is a victim of the new science fiction world we live in. I am helping. Please help him. I will provide him with pro bono marketing services by Web Marketing LLC.
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Jared Schlar: Thank you very much for this. I have no close friends that can help in this situation and I've been struggling to get any sort of help for years. I would be honored and grateful for any help publicizing my plight.
I also sent a tweet out to the BCH community as well:
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Please make a mental note of your assets and strengths. No need to discuss here right now. You should inventory all that is good in your world. Social capital etc...
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This touched my heart. I hope you get the need your help. 💟 I hope I can help you by October. Hang on there.
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Black Lives Matter.
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