Once it was a word which represented only the males. Yeah, the real super heroes were the SUPERMAN, BATMAN, SPIDERMAN and the RED POWER RANGER OF SPD. Those were the days when I cherished watching these superheroes in the screen and they were the first and the foremost inspiration for me.
I realized that these superheroes are fictional and they cannot appear in real. As time passed, I got to know the real SUPER HEROES of my life. Yeah, they exist in reality. My hero is my MOM, the first female inspiration for me.
My mom is a home-maker. She is not a degree holder or a graduate. But what she learnt in her life is something priceless. No one can teach those things. It is true that the life lessons have a greater impact and value in everyone’s life than the lessons learnt from schools and colleges. And my mom is the first case.  Yeah, she learnt everything from the people of her life. To me, she is the perfect woman with so many inspiring qualities.
Heroes should have some special power, right? Yes, she holds many such powers. One such is her PATIENCE, the quality which I love the most in her. I forgot to tell that my dad is a short tempered person. No one can judge his moods. He is such a jovial person but when he gets tensed, he is out of mind. My mom never makes any unwanted fights with my dad. Even when the situation is getting like catching up a fight, she ignores it either by leaving the place without talking a word or making him understand the scenario in a soft and caring tone. Anyway, she avoids the fights.
I wondered so many times that how she could be so patient in such a situation. I have asked her about this. The only reply she gives is,
“if I shout at him back, nothing is going to get better instead the situation is going to be worst. I don’t want to ruin my family’s happiness because of my anger. Making every one of you happy gives me the greatest pleasure”.
In my view, being a girl in this society is not an easy task. She has so much of responsibilities to do for her family and for herself. I don’t think a man can be more patient than a woman. To lead a happy life with the family, every girl should possess the quality, “PATIENCE”.
True happiness lies not in making ourselves comfortable and happy; it lies in making others happy because of us.  I have never seen such a woman like my mom in my life. She is the real super hero for me.



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