A bit of history

There is a little bit of history to the publication of this post you need to know. After writing the article a week ago I wasn't sure if I should publish it, so I asked the BSV society to help me decide :
I had almost 200 votes in 2 days and the results were clear: 70% of the BSV society were telling me not to do it, so I decided to follow their advice and keep this unpublished and publish another article on the single address responsible for 50% of all transactions on BCH instead.
But then something extremely weird and unexpected happened: _unwriter, the subject of my article, declared in his next post that he wanted to let go of his anonymity. If my prediction of who he is happens to be wrong, at least it seems like I predicted he was going to come out of anonymity !
In his recent article entitled "Phase 2" _unwriter declared:
You don’t know what I really am. As of today, this will start to change. First, I will start to let go of my anonymity. This won’t happen overnight, and I don’t know how fast this will happen, but gradually it will happen, starting today.
This declaration left me shocked because of the article and the twitter poll I had made the week before. Did I contribute to unwriter saying this because of my poll ? the idea seemed too egocentric. Still then, I decided to not publish my article but instead leave an encrypted message on Twitter & Twetch that would allow me to later prove that I knew, if I happened to be right. (The "encrypted" part is explained at the end of the article)
After his announcement of going public, I noticed that many people are starting to guess who unwriter could be, and some people are starting to come up with the same conclusion as mine, this is why I decide to finally publish this article, a week later. Enjoy the reading.

Breadcrumbs in a rabbit hole

Not sure if I should share this... but I have a #BSV theory. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole with me ?🕳️🐇
Understand that I don't want to expose anyone who doesn't want to be exposed, and yet at the same time I want to share my discoveries. Since I don't have strong evidence of anything but just breadcrumbs (very interesting ones however as you will see!), I decided that this is safe to share to the BSV society.
Now I am sure you already heard the name Uyen Nguyen. She is the woman who's name appears on pretty much every document released by Craig's side in the court case of Craig Wright vs Ira Kleiman.
After my 5h+ investigation, it seems clear that Uyen Nguyen's role in Bitcoin is much more significant than most people think. I just digged deep in the rabbit hole and made some very interesting discoveries that I am sure will set your brain on fire.
First, let me tell you that I don't exactly know how all of this information fits my pre-existing theory of who Satoshi Nakamoto is, as it reinforces some parts and make some others blurrier. You will have to do some thinking for yourself.
Ready ? then follow me down the rabbit hole...

Down we go

"Telecosm Conference... he showed up with an intriguing 23 year old Vietnamese woman... called Uyen Nguyen. He introduced her to me as Craig Wright's key assistant and programmer, involved in bitcoin since she was only eighteen, which is to say almost from the beginning. She was now serving as trustee of Wright's Tulip Trust."
This is from the book "life after google: the fall of Big data and the rise of the blockchain economy"
On her twitter (now deleted), she said :
"I was 18 when I came to the project. I did wish for a thriller life. Starting Jun 2015, we had problematic extortionist trying to expose us, we fought it until we knew the turmoil would be exploited."
She also managed the twitter account of CSW for some time.
After her involvement in bitcoin started to be exposed to the internet, she deleted all her social media accounts. Her twitter account apparently was "@dr_craight_wright" under the pseudonym "Tulip Boy", and before she deleted her accounts she posted a PDF file on Facebook as her last post. The article in the PDF disproves the claim of anti-CSW people like Greg Maxwell who said that the keys CSW claimed were associated with Satoshi could not have been generated at the time they were made. The paper proved that CSW was right and that they could have been generated at that time if you took the time to study the subject beyond the surface: https://www.scribd.com/doc/306521425/Appeal-to-Authority-a-Failure-of-Trust
Let's sum up what we have until now: it appears very clear that Ms Uyen Nguyen was a vocal supporter of CSW, despite being quite discreet, and someone CSW trusted beyond anyone (or at least as much as Dave Kleiman) as he gave her enormous responsibilities managing his twitter account and becoming a trustee to his Tulip Trust. Why would he trust such a young girl so much ? the only logical explanation I have is that she was deeply involved in Bitcoin from the beginning.
In a recent court declaration CSW said : "I have not been in touch with Ms Nguyen since 2016."
I wonder why this is the case. Why would you stop talking with the man you know is Satoshi after you worked for so long and so close to him ? Did Ms Nguyen decided to stop all communication with her bitcoin related contacts after being exposed and having issues with extortionists? this seems the most likely explanation until we have further information. We might get more revelations about what happened from the ongoing court case.
We could also speculate that Jimmy Nguyen (often called Jimmy Win), who is probably the closest person working with Craig Wright today, was introduced to him by Uyen Nguyen, a relative, or maybe it was the other way around ? But "Nguyen" is such a popular name in Vietnam that this coincidence cannot be relied upon, so let's go back to Uyen.
According to company records, Uyen Ngyuen lives in the United States. The corporation registration documents list an address in El Monte, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. The United States is also listed as Nguyen’s country of residence.
The computer used to export the Bitcoin whitepaper to PDF had its clock time set to use the ‘Mountain Time Zone’ of the United States.
Someone noted:
Previous analysis of the hours of Satoshi’s activity on the bitcointalk.org forum concluded that he must live in an EST timezone in the United States. To me this suggests a student cramming for final university exams in May/June and then returning to his hobby pursuit with renewed enthusiasm once they were over.
The Mountain Time Zone (MTZ) of North America keeps time by subtracting seven hours from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). California time zone, where Ms Nguyen lived, is UTC−7... which is MTZ. Could she have been the final reviewer or the whitepaper and the one who exported the final PDF file ? this wouldn't be impossible.
Now we also know satoshi was giving dates in the DD/MM/YYYY format (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=43.msg346#msg346 ), which hints at Britain, not US. But if we assume that Satoshi was a team of a few people living in different countries, this starts to make sense. Also, from wikipedia we can learn that "Australians typically write the date with the day leading, as in the UK", and CSW is Australian... interesting.
So we have a young 18yo student genius programmer who worked on bitcoin since the beginning, had problems with being exposed and with extortionists, that Wright trusted enough to have as his key assistant & his key programmer & trustee of his Tulip Trust holding over a million bitcoins.
On her previous twitter account, she posted in 2016:
"I met @haq4good, @iang_fc and a few others, who will be known later to prepare for Dec and recent tsunamis. We formed Prometheus Project."
@iang_fc is Ian Grigg, a renowned financial cryptographer who has been active in this space since 1995 and the inventor of Ricardian Contracts, who confirmed CSW is Satoshi in 2016:

The (not so?) crazy theory

I leave you with this crazy theory that could explain a lot of things stated in this article:

Could Ms Uyen T. Nguyen be the famous _unwriter, still working on bitcoin off the radar?

If Uyen was so deeply involved in Bitcoin, knows CSW is Satoshi, she knows BSV is the real Bitcoin, and she was still working with Ian Grigg in 2016. And it seems she was a key programmer in the past... wouldn't you think she is still working on the real Bitcoin ?
Another strange coincidence, and maybe I am just making sense of random patterns on this one. but I still find it interesting. Many people have speculated on the meaning behind the pseudonym “unwriter”... Uyen Nguyen, initials UN, Uyen Nguyen writing some code… U.N. writer… _UNwriter ?
One last point, we know that Uyen helped create "Prometheus Project". _unwriter's recent projects names are: Atlantis, Babel, Chronos, Genesis. So the name "Prometheus" would fit the pattern of greek names & myths very nicely. If Uyen is not _unwriter, it seems likely that the two are at least very closely connected.
As I said in the beginning, I decided to publish this article as other people are starting to come to the same conclusion as I did on Twetch:
If you hadn't figured out, the uppercase letters in my message to unwriter are...

Addendum, July 7, 2019 (1 week after publication)

After writing this post, many people contacted me to tell me that they enjoyed the theory, no matter if it ends up being true or not. Thank you to all and also to those who upvoted me or sent some tips. I really appreciate your support !
Some people shared some new pieces of evidence that I did not had when I wrote the article. These point at Unwriter NOT being Uyen and I now believe they are right. Some came from CSW himself. I have not been explicitly allowed to share them even after asking, so I will not share them for now. I hope my article entertained you and made you learn a few things about Bitcoin's early history and the strange involvement of Uyen. I will keep doing my best to provide you with quality content in the future.


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no, the unwriter is definitely not Uyen. The unwriter is mature in his approach to building and the way he relates with people, Uyen had a tendency to stir drama, just for fun.
I have interacted with her and read some of her writing, what we're seeing now from the unwriter is a very different style of human interaction.
Hi Uyen, I'm sure reading these theories are very amusing from wherever you're sitting right now :)
   1yr ago
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Its pretty much the whole world using DD/MM/YYYY format, the Americans that always do things differently and put month before the date.
   1yr ago
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Interesting hypothesis, and thanks for the addendum! Btw California is in Pacific time zone (PDT, UTC-7) not Mountain time zone (MDT, UTC-6).
   1yr ago