Kicking off our Monsterpalooza 2019 coverage is a trip through the awesome convention floor! We visit a few artists who work in movies, video games, and collectibles business, and have brought their passion projects to the show, as well as prototype figures. Let's check out new pieces from Rafael Grassetti, Alfred Paredes, and Akihito!

Hyper Realistic Daruma Dolls!

We're blown away by these hyper realistic daruma doll sculptures by Lustre Effects Studio. Being big fans of their work online, we were thrilled to meet their team at this year's Monsterpalooza, getting a close look at these haunting sculptures, each with a distinct personality! 

Manas Workshop's Striking Creature Sculpts!

We check out the sculptures and unique creatures at Manas Workshop, an effects studio that collaborates with artists in Asia to turn their work into collectibles. From steampunk goldfish to mighty beasts, we're impressed by detail and quality of these unique pieces. 

Aurum FX's Destiny Blaster Props!

We love ourselves a good blaster replica, and the ones created by Aurum FX for Bungie's Destiny game are a sight to behold. We chat with Eric of Aurum FX to learn about their modeling and finishing process, and get a close look at their replicas of the Thorn, Ace of Spades, Sunshot, and The Last Word props! 

The Shape of Water Creature Maquette!

We check out this detailed maquette statue of the creature from The Shape of Water, recreated by the artists at Elite Creature Collectibles. Veteren effects artist Steven Wang shows us the unique paint application and display for this beautiful figure, as well as two Ultraman life-size busts he's made as passion projects!

The Silicone Creatures of Immortal Masks!

We catch up with Immortal Masks, makers of creature masks with lifelike movement and glorious detail. At Monsterpalooza, we check out their new experiments in silicone maskmaking, including cyborg and android masks that look like metal, and baby creatures that are just too adorable!