Once upon a time, there was a king and he had four wives. The king adores his fourth wife a lot than all other and he always introduces her as his wife to the other kings. The king’s third wife came from a rich family and she can help in all the financial matters of the king , so obviously the king liked her. The king’s second wife is so compassionate and joyous. The second wife is so friendly with the king. The king’s first wife is not like others. She helps to stay strong, helps to lead a great life and help to solve everything in his life but the king never care her that much.
Years are going, the king is also running with the time but after some years unfortunately the king fall ill and he tried to a lot to became normal still his effort was of no use, he and his wives knew that he’s going to die in a few days.The king thought a lot for longtime and he called his fourth wife and he talked to her like this,
King : You have played a wonderful role in my life and I love you so much than all and I cared you a lot so I wish you could come with me to continue our journey even after my death.
Wife: In this life I had to be your wife but if you die, I’m not going to come with you at all.
The king’s heart was broken after listening to the words of his wife,still he wished that his second wife may agree to come with him,then he asked his second wife like this,
King : You helped me a lot in each and every financial matter and I liked you a lot , I gave you lot of importance, I want you to be my part of my life after my death.
Wife : Even though you are placing my value at the height of the everest, I can’t come with you.
By listening to the words of his wife he again felt so disappointed and still he have a last hope that his third wife will agree. He asked his third wife like this,
King : I’ll be so happy if you agree to come with me after my death too because you can make to smile even in the most difficult and tough situations.
Wife: I can’t come with you after your death, I can survive and I’ve my own works to do , you are not the only thing which is most important to me.
The king remained motionless and his heart sank in sorrow, because he loved his three wives a lot and he dedicated his entire life to them , still they rejected to come. The king didn’t think to ask his first wife as he had no expectations on his first wife but the life of the king turned at once.
The king’s first wife intentionally came and agreed to come with him even after his death and then the king burst out into tears and finally he knew the value of his first wife and realized his mistake.But he know that he can’t do anything now because he’s going to end up his life , he have to end his destiny by dissatisfaction.
Here in this story the king is a man, the fourth wife is his beauty or his physical appearance , the third wife is the money which is earned by him through out his life, the second wife is his friendly or family and finally the first wife is his “soul”.
In the story the king means the man always love his appearance, money ,friends and family and he never care his soul , but in the end he realized that the soul is one thing which will remain with us even after our death.
Moral: Don’t mind beauty because beauty lies in heart, not in the face. Don’t run for money because after your death each and every penny will be valueless to you. Don’t depend on your dear ones all the time because they can help you only up to some extent of time.
“ Put your heart and soul into your work then you will lost your mind in your process.”