• After 1000 years from today due to evolution and advanced scientific development, all small small countries throughout the world were collapsed. All these small countries joined with more developed and advanced country in nearby region . By these whole world will divided into four regions only.
  • These regions were named as Kingdom 1, 2, 3, and 4. In each Kingdom there is only one Religion. By these whole world will have only four Religion then christian, hindu, buddhist, and muslim. Peoples believe in Other religion transform themselves accordingly due to maintain unique political rules in each Kingdom.In this time in each Kingdom all wealth were distributed among everyone through Blockchain system. There were no private property during that time. All property including land , factories, business every thing belongs to Central Government of the respective Kingdom. The leaders to maintain the law and orders and to rules the Kingdom will be elected every year. There are no central currency during that time in each of the Kingdoms. Each family with four members allotted a Blockchain device.
  • These coin will have no value but provided because of exchanging services.Every day 10000 coin generated in each family device. These coin allocated through a family code. 10000 coin is sufficient enough to maintain a family expenditure for one day. Every family have to wait for the next day if they finish their Monetary quota. After each day old coin will be deleted and new coin of same amount will generate. One central Blockchain will regulate and record everything about everyday transaction. All buying and selling will be recorded . Each day profit and loss of the government will shown in each of these Blockchain devices. Everybody have their own work according to their highest developed skills within them . Man and woman both have to give a test at the age of ten years. Artificial intelligence based machine test everybody's skill and distinguished their field of study and nature of work according their highest developed skill . As the major laborious job such as production and manufacturing and agricultural job done by machine, human only need to guide them and monitor their works.
  • As everybody will share equal amount of wealth for each day people will happy during that time. Transactions between each Kingdom will also recorded as services and the value exchanges. Suppose one Kingdom import Foods from another Kingdom due to some reasons. Then another Kingdom will return equal amount of services, not in Currency as no Currency maintain in any of these Kingdom. The services provided to that Kingdom will decided by mutual common agreement. Every Kingdom will share their science and technology in return of different value added services.
  • These four kingdom's have their own boundaries though anybody can works and visits in any Kingdom by taking permission from proper authority for certain days .
Marriage was only permitted within the Kingdom.
Each and every Kingdom respect each other's and there was no fighting, though each of these Kingdom have their own weapons. Each Kingdom share their development of weapons and army to each other by some mutual common agreements. All Scientific and technological development equally shared by each of the Kingdoms. Each Kingdom have governed by certain rules but everybody work together for advancement for the world. In this time advance spacecraft were developed for looking for aliens life throughout the universe. People of the Earth were very closed to colonised Moon and Mars. All of these space missions will equally contributed by all of these Kingdom by means of exchanging different value added services. There are no competition between kingdom's during that time.
Everybody will living in this world very happily till the Aliens from another universe come to visit the Earth with their own spacecraft. By receiving advanced radio signal these Aliens come to visit Earth. People of the Earth warmly welcome them. But they don't know that these Aliens want to slave humans. By visiting all of the four kingdom's these Aliens understand that they can’t win against Earth if all of these four kingdom's fight with them together and unanimously.
They meet each and every leader of respective Kingdom and lure them but their efforts were not succeed.
Then they adopt a different policy to divide all of these Kingdom. The Aliens leave four Spy in Earth before returning to their own universe. These Spy have tremendous capabilities. They can transform themselves in any form at any time . One of the Spy kidnapped the son of the President of Kingdom 1 and change himself as the son of Kingdom 1. Another Spy kidnapped the daughter of the President of Kingdom 2 and transform herself as daughter of the President of Kingdom 2. Like this they do with Kingdom 3 and Kingdom 4.
Now Son of the President of Kingdom 1 raped the daughter of the President of Kingdom 2. Before doing so he killed all the body guards and friends of the daughter of Kingdom 2 and then he hide himself. These incident create great tension between two Kingdom. Another two Spy also commented badly against each of these two Kingdom so that a war going to start between two Kingdoms. And another two Kingdom also going to support each one of them. So the whole Earth is on the verge of a big war . During that time One Great Religious teacher of Kingdom 1 who is a monk called some of other great religious teacher of all others Kingdom by telepathy to stop these war. All of them united their power and find the conspiracy behind the war by looking into past. They find out all of these Spy and their conspiracy and they are also find out the original sons and daughters of four Kingdoms. When everybody seen these original son and daughter of respective Presidents . They understand the conspiracy and war is stopped. Now everybody catch all of these Spy and killed them. After that all leader of the Earth arrange a meeting to clear all of these dispute and become united as before.