For most people in the most economic prosperous countries, using Bitcoin as cash won't be life changing. But it can increase comfort and make the combination of money + internet a bit cheaper. This should lower the friction that people dexperience when they use money on the internet and increase the "internet" economy that way. For some other people in less economic prosperous countries, using Bitcoin as cash can be life changing because it turns them in to a peer in a worldwide, unlimited, financial network that does not discriminate.



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In a country like Venezuela, where the local currency (Bolivar), worth nothing, and the government does not allow access to other currency like dollar. Cryptocurrency is the big life saver, literally...
   10mo ago
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I've had a couple of payments censored for silly reasons (both credit card) in the last few months. One for not accepting an international cc payment and the other was because some housewares purchase was not in line with my regular spending patterns, whatever that means (I could not buy flour bins online. How stupid is that?) Both were minor inconveniences. BCH will mean much more to the people in your latter category.
   10mo ago