I've talked to some people who are criticizing my 42 alt pick and are saying I shouldn't promote coins who have not proven themselves especially these days when pumps and dumps are happening daily. People told me they have 1-5 coins and don't like to diversify more.
If you are thinking like them, I hope to change your mind with the content behind the wall.
I've always posted using the rule - make it free if it's not about the money. When it comes to money, I had to learn the hard way 7 years ago that free information, even if worth millions, means nothing to most people.
I'm sorry the price is so high this time, but frankly if you spend $500 on my paywall and invest another $500 based on the info you got, you will be out of the water in a week.



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Coin recommendations are dime a dozen these days. When I follow the TA guys, I make 10%-30% or my stops get hit. No complaints, profit is profit.
But when I listen to codemojo's recent advice, I (at least) triple my money and I sleep like a baby. Nuff said.
   1yr ago
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What if I follow this and all the sudden BCH spikes and I miss out? I'm currently all in on bch.
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500$ for a post. LOL.
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it's a fantastic price, easy-easy we will get out of great suffering. I just joined the full support ... greetings success
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