100 Days and an Asset to Bitcoin Cash

Today is the day we see 100 doodles in 100 days from @satoshidoodles on the Yours platform. What started out as a fun project, quite possibly changed the lives of thousands of people.
In, no way, is @SatoshiDoodles just going away, but the challenge that she set forth for the entire Bitcoin Cash community encouraged people to build/grow and better BCH in every way.
By @satoshidoodles getting out and doing, what others were just thinking of has encouraged me to do so many things in the last few months to try and better my ability to change the Bitcoin Cash community for the better.
Struggling to Find my Place When BCH first released in August 2017, I knew I had to do MORE than I did before. I could not sit back and let others do what I can do. Laziness, lack of courage, and self doubt where a horribly opposing force and quite often would win out when I looked into learning something new, building something, or even trying new things.
Then I Found Yours To overcome basic fears I needed a way to try new things. Social media is not a very forgiving place, but the Bitcoin Cash community did seem to be a bit friendlier than the rest of the cryptocurrency community, so I started writing the occasional blog, I like writing, but i really didn't want to be the next recycled "bitcoin news" article that everyone is writing about and the writing I liked doing wasn't going to help advance BCH adoption, so while I can occasionally write "motivational blogs," usually surrounding a topic like @SatoshiDoodles. I needed to do more.
The 100 Day Challenge Even before writing content on Yours I ran into the fantastic artist @satoshidoodles. Shortly after joining the Yours platform @satoshidoodles joined the #100dayproject(#100DaysofSatoshiDoodles). Where you set forth a goal to better yourself over the next 100 days. Many tried and failed, others are still doing pretty well, but the one who started it all, in the BCH community, will complete her own challenge today.
Why This Matters and What It Did For Me While I never submitted to a vocal communication of my 100 day challenge. I too started my unspoken 25 day challenge to learn or do one new thing every single day. Each goal was directed around learning something that would/could help Bitcoin cash, or my ability to "market it better." This led me down a path of absolute craziness. Each challenge led me down other paths of self discovery and created quite the monster.
  • I've learned how to create my own Bitcoin Transactions/wallets in Java, Python.
  • I programmed a cheesy maze game in unity where a 3D MOUSE character can move through and find the exit. They would be rewarded BCH if they find the cheese. Can't afford to run the game but my friends enjoyed it.
  • I have tried to "ART" for the first time - failed with pen & paper but did half way decent with computer generated(getting better every day)
  • I hid paper wallets around town.
  • I stood on the street corner wearing a "Guy Fawkes" mask and holding a sign that read "Buy Bitcoin Cash" - this was way outside my comfort zone(cops even stopped by - gave them some free BCH).
  • I talked to merchants about accepting BCH in their establishments and pointed them in the right directions to get setup right away.
  • Offered my Bitcoin consulting services, free of charge, and met with individuals one on one to talk about Bitcoin
  • I've gone through step by step through every major event in Bitcoins History
The list continues, and due to a massive migraine, one day, I couldn't even get through 25 days, but that did not stop me. I've grown some of the skills I learned along the way into something quite interesting, and I must admit, I would NOT have done it without the encouragement and follow through of @satoshidoodles. So I would like to thank you for being the shining star that helped me break out of my shell and try things I never thought I would. For the first time in quite some time life is a mystery and I'm having FUN instead of just going through the motions. You, @satoshidoodles are an inspiration to us all and I would like to say, THANK YOU.

Afterword: I originally created the Animated GIF(SD flag, U Rock, and a TY) and most of this post a long time ago when I first started the challenge, but I also wanted to make sure the skills and my follow through was truly helpful to others. I highly recommend that every last one of you create goals, try new things, and LEARN, not just for Bitcoin Cash, but to better your entire life. You will not be disappointed, I promise.
After Afterword - Waited to post just after #100 so I didn't jinx the whole thing. 😉 No paid content in this blog - go give @satoshidoodles a TY

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@Robert_Melluish Thank you! That is the sweetest flag. ;)
You inspire me to be fearless too. There's a lot of change that can be brought about by even a small-ish (but growing) group of dedicated people focused on a common goal. Thanks for being part of the team! Cheers to lifelong learning and spreading BCH to the world!!
   11mo ago