A post about Quora got me thinking...
Currently, a Yours user has to essentially guess what kind of content might create value for others, create it, and put a price on it.
But what if users could ask for specific advice/insight/info, and pay people to provide it?
So maybe an "Advice" or "Questions" or "Requests" section, where someone can post a question like they might on Quora, and then people could post a preview answer (akin to "free" section in a post), and say, "I'm X person with experience Y, my answer is $Z" and you can choose to pay for it or not.
Maybe not the best mechanism, but some way for advice seekers to pay qualified people to provide answers?
Or maybe even a DM function, where you can pay people to read/respond to your DM?
Just thinking of ways to tap into the market for context specific info and advice.

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Yes. What we can do near-term would be the ability to tip with credit. i.e. you can ask a question and say "I will pay $5 to anyone who answers this" and then when someone answers correct, you tip them $5, and anyone can see you have determined that to be the correct answer and that you followed through and actually tipped them $5. Adding more features to make this work more easily is something we could do later.
Also, yes, DMs will come, but not a near-term priority.
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Great way to work it right now. Love it!
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Cool idea, that would be a great way to work around for the team
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