19 Decades of experiences
My great-grandmother today, August 24, 2018, turns 89, a lifetime, is not it? Her full name, Ana Carlota Bueno de Fernandez, dedicated to education during her youth; It has always been characterized by being a firm person and of a quite strong character, because who would not be so after so many years of life, I remember that he loved to sew; towards very beautiful clothes; nowadays she does not perform these tasks because her age does not allow it, my great-grandmother very few can say this; he is a person who has fought all his life, his nine children; uncles, my grandparents, filled the maternal house every special date with their children, grandchildren, nephews; A great family wonder, immense.
Today, with sadness for our great grandmother, the house will not be as full as in previous years, many of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nephews and relatives have left Venezuela as a result of the political, economic and social imbalance that the country is going through. Today the house will not be filled, just like in December and the last ones that have passed; it is a pity that we can not celebrate everyone gathered in the maternal house this 89th birthday of our "Mama Carlota".
Hoping to see them come back, as well as so many families are ours; thousands of feelings of those who are far away are reflected through calls or messages; remembering that the family nucleus has been disintegrated by third parties, all with the living illusion of being able to be on the next birthday of our beloved "Mama Carlota", who no longer remembers how many years she is fulfilling, but laughs.
Mama Carlota was always a person of a strong character, nowadays she has softened by her age, but I have memories of scolding my naughty cousins, even her own children being adults, she has always represented a symbol of respect, because I dedicate her life to her nine children with great effort and pride. I raise her family and I go through many circumstances that shaped her character. I think it's important to celebrate our elders' day and not forget them even though it's sometimes hard for them to remember your name. Today, despite how far away many of the family are, we will celebrate in some way this important day, since they are 19 decades of experiences.


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Happy birthday Mama
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