Back in March 2018, Rick Falkvinge warned that the BCH community had learned nothing from the Blockstream takeover of Bitcoin, and warned that the BCH community needed to identify toxic sociopaths (like CSW) early on.
Over time, the divide between CSW and many BCH people began to expand.
CSW, nChain, billionaire Calvin Ayre, CoinGeek are all aligned.
And it appears that they bought up anywhere from 40%-51% of BCH hashpower.
Now they're threatening to launch double spend attacks against BCH exchanges, like CoinEx / ViaBTC.
Basically, CSW / nChain / Calvin / CoinGeek want to create a hardfork (Bitcoin SV), and insist that everyone follow it as BCH, and they'll launch double spend attacks against anyone in the BCH community who doesn't comply.
In August 2018, there was a meeting of the BCH miners, to try to resolve differences. There were about 50 people in attendance, and everyone was professional & cordial, except CSW. During someone else's presentation, CSW cried "Lies and Bullshit!", and walked out. Overall, CSW ended up missing 95% of the conference, and nothing was resolved.



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What a bunch of drivel. This is all just about personalities and politics, and nothing about actual technical merits of the various Bitcoin Cash implementations.
   1yr ago
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Technical positions don't matter much.
In the real world, marketing, branding, relationships matter far more than hash & tech specs.
Users don't care about hash or tech specs.
We can all agree that BCH is technically superior to BTC. The median transaction costs for BTC are 20-200 more expensive than for BCH.
Yet, it's been a full year for BCH, and BTC still has far more market cap, trade volume, transaction volume, users, media coverage, everything.
Why? BTC has the better brand & image. Many big voices say BCH is a scam, and the market believes them. And that lie is easy to perpetuate when CSW (Fake Satoshi) is one of the public faces of BCH.
Don't believe me? Go make an openly pro-BCH post on rCryptocurrency, and watch it get downvoted into oblivion.
The market has spoken, and the real world says hash & tech specs don't matter much, and that marketing, branding, relationships are far more important.
A "Bitcoin Craig" fork will be seen as a Fake Satoshi scam coin, backed by malicious miners. People will not use it, and businesses will not support it (Coinbase, Bitpay, Ledger, Trezor, Exodus, etc). CSW cannot force human beings like Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase) or Stephen Pair (CEO of Bitpay) to support his fork.
Human beings are more important than hash.
And in the real world of business, it's not what you know. It's who you know.
   1yr ago
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It doesn't matter a lot if one is liked. "It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both" - Nicolo Machiavelli Perfect example: The majority of People hate banks, yet the majority of people still uses banks.
   1yr ago
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It doesn't matter a lot if one is liked.
Yet, Fortune 500 companies will fire a CEO for making one rude comment. Marketing & branding are that important.
"It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both" - Nicolo Machiavelli
Machiavellianism might work within a company, as a way for one sociopath fraudster to gain money & power for himself, by managing to trick a bunch of idiot followers.
But it doesn't apply to marketing, branding, sales, where consumers have multiple options.
If people fear a product, they won't buy it, they won't use it, they won't support it.
If Visa is threatening to steal money, then fearful people & businesses would just use Mastercard or Amex.
   1yr ago