Venezuela is a very interesting country, which despite of what is happening is one of the countries with the best landscapes in the world and part of that is very rich in minerals and tends to be considered as the country with the most beautiful women on the planet, and here I bring you curiosities and things that maybe you didn't know about my beautiful country Venezuela:

Salto del angel

Did you know that Venezuela has the highest waterfall in the world? Well, if that waterfall is called "Salto angel" it has a total fall of 979 meters, three times the tower of Paris and its biggest uninterrupted fall is 807 meters. Rio Carrao, and let me tell you that she is beautiful.

Teleferico Mukumbari (Mukumbari Cableway)

Venezuela has the highest and second longest cable car in the world, it is in the state of Merida, it has two Guinness records, it has a height of 4,765 meters above sea level, reaching the peak of the Espejo peak.

Puente General Rafael Urdaneta (General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge,)

It has the General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge, or locally known as the bridge over Lake Maracaibo, it is the largest concrete bridge in the world of its kind, I have passed many times over that bridge and let me tell you that it is something fantastic.

Lago de Maracaibo (Lake Maracaibo)

Lake Maracaibo is the largest in Latin America, with an area of ​​between 13,210 and 13,820 km². Among the largest lakes in the world, it is ranked 19th.


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