About one week ago i posted a survey asking some general questions about the users of Yours.org and here are the results.
Overall 31 people participated. I am not sure if that is much because i don´t know the number of total active users on Yours. But i want to thank everyone who took the time to answer the questions. The data set might be small but i am sure it represents the user base in some way or another.

What country are you from?

  • People from 12 different countries participated
  • About 35% of all participants are from the US

How old are you?

  • 45.2% / 25 - 34
  • 32.3% / 35 - 44
  • 12.9% / 18 - 24
  • 6.5 % / 55 - 64
  • 3.2 % / Under 18
  • No people above 65


  • 30 out of 31 revealed their gender (At the beginning i didn't make Gender a mandatory question. One mysterious participant did not want to reveal his or her gender
I know Yours.org has more than 3 women but i think that reflects the general trend in the Crypto Scene. A lot of males and not enough females.

How did you find out about Yours.org?

  • Most people discovered Yours trough Social Media
  • 16.1% got here because of their friends or family (Tell all your friends about Yours!)
  • And we also have one co-founder. (guess which one)

What Social Media brought you here?

  • Twitter is the Social Media that brought most of the people here

Did you know about Crypto Currencies before Yours.org

  • Yes

How often do you visit Yours.org on average?

  • Over 51% visit Yours multiple times a day
  • 3.2% visit only once a month
One problem here is that people who don´t visit Yours on a regular bases probably did not take notice of this survey. That means mostly active people participated. But that is only a guess

Do you only consume or also publish content on Yours?

  • Most people consume and create
  • 19.4% only consume content
  • 3.2% only create content

Which categories on Yours are the most interesting?

  • Crypto is the most popular 71%
  • General is the second most popular 51,6%
  • Fiction is the least popular 6,5%

What other category do you want on Yours?

  • 23 people suggested new categories for Yours
  • Most people wanted a Music Category

Do you only consume free content on Yours?

  • People who use Yours are willing to pay money for good content

How much do you pay for content on average?

  • 41,4% / 11ct - 99ct
  • 27.6% consume mostly free content
  • 13.% / 10ct
  • 6.9% / 1ct - 9ct
  • 6.9% / 1$
  • 3.4% / 1.01$ - 5.00$
Nobody pays more than 5$

What kind of content do you create ?

  • Articles are the most popular (very vague term i know)

On which categories do you post the most ?

  • General and Crypto get most of the posts

Do you always charge money for your content?

  • No

How much do you charge for your content on average?

  • 33.3% mostly release free content
  • 25.9% / 10ct
  • 25.9% / 11ct - 99ct
  • 11.1% / 1ct - 9ct
  • 3.7 % / 5.00$ - 9.99$
Nobody charges more than 9.99$. In addition to that the chart is kind of similar to the "How much do you pay for content" chart.

Have you made more money by selling your content or by receiving donations?

  • More people earn money trough donations than by selling their content

Is earning money your biggest motivation for using Yours?

  • The majority said they are not only here for the money!

I am also not only here for the money but would be happy if you tipped in case you liked this post and it provided some useful information. I know the data set wasn't very big. But then again, since the community is still very young i don´t know how many people actually visit Yours. And also, feel free to leave a comment and to discuss the results.


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Well I for one liked this post very much :) Extremely helpful, tipped you $10
   1yr ago
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Interesting! Thanks for putting the results together. (The 100% blue pie made me lol.)
This is a much more friendly place to hang out than reddit, for sure.
It will be interesting to see what happens as numbers grow.
   1yr ago
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I have made quite a bit of my money from voting, which wasn’t part of the equation for “Have you made more money by selling your content or by receiving donations? ” May be relevant, may not be. Thanks for the work.
   1yr ago
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Cool people want music category. :) I was almost giving up on yours to earn money (still like it for learning) as the most popular is crypto and we have knowledgeable people here, hard to put own nose into it, and other categories seem not noticed much. I have a respect for people who keep posting while not earning (for me its frustrating and I easy give up). When music category is added me and my NUMBER_SONICS might get bit love. I also thank you for your work and wish you and all all the best. :)
   1yr ago
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mishapelt  i agree. I really hope Yours will add more categorize soon and also market more towards people outside of Crypto.
   1yr ago
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Very interesting. Especially the question "Which categories on Yours are the most interesting?" is informative. It helps to identify what the community is most interested in.
   1yr ago
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Awesome survey man!! excited To get more posts about other topics on here to make Yours more friendly to non-crypto types. I know that I plan on writing more short stories and articles on here about non-crypto related articles in addition to crypto articles. Cheers! 👏🏼
   1yr ago
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One learning for me here is that we need to upgrade our communities. As a first step we'll be adding a music community soon, probably next week. After that we will make the system more flexible and allow users to create new communities.
We will also try to make content on Yours more broad. Of course we love cryptos, but to make Yours more interesting to a mainstream audience we should have more content about other topics as well.
   1yr ago
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Adding more communities is a great idea. But i think there should be a requirement that has to be fulfilled if a user wants to create a new community. Maybe something like a you need at least 10 people that also want to create the same community. A bunch of empty, non active communities will ruin the user experience.
   1yr ago
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@SpringRoll Good thinking! It's good not to have too many categories, but maybe as it grows add more categories, and then later on subcategories.
   1yr ago