Goa is probably one of the most visited cities during the holiday season. There are parties happening around the clock and the weather seems to be perfect all year.
It’s also one of the most diverse destinations that you can visit in the country. With a host of snorkelling, rappelling and surfing activities, travellers can have their own version of a good time.
The winter months are extra special, with a range of parties, festivals and celebrations happening. Getting reasonable 5 star hotels in Goa packages is a tough deal at that time. That’s why travellers are always recommended to book early even if Goa is a spur of the moment destination place.
Here are 5 interesting facts about the place we all love – Goa!

1. 1/3rd of the state is all forests

Who would have known that the party capital of the country is covered with wildlife and forests? This is a perfectly sustained ecosystem where bird-watchers can enjoy just as much as night owls.
You can run into a mini forest by riding your scooty around from one café to another. The state is well preserved via marine tourism, e-biking, and sustainable measures taken by industries and government.

2. Had a long night? Take a bike-taxi

When you’re out partying all night and have no ride back home, you can get a bike taxi. These vendors are generally sitting around popular destinations and offer rides to passengers wherever they seek.
These can get expensive during the night (200-400INR+) but are still significantly cheaper than booking a cab.

3. It’s the richest state per capita in India

We often equate certain states to be wealthier than others or might misjudge Goa as a slow living state. However, Goa has found the right balance. It’s the richest state per capita and beats many metropolitan cities as well.
Goa residents know how to have a good time, while being content with the beach life. There are many industries that flourish here including mining, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and fishing.

4. India’s first luxury cruise goes from Mumbai to Goa

Hurray! India’s first luxury cruise goes to Goa. Mumbai travellers will have a great time booking a quality cruise from the great city. Staying at a premier Goa hotel like The LaLiT Golf & Spa Resort Goa, is the cherry on the cake.

5. There’s a bar for every 200 people

Goa is one of the few places in the world with so many bars in it. You can’t walk around the great state without running into one. That’s why travellers love coming here and unwind with a cold brew at an unbelievable price.


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Goa is a state, not a city.
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Yes all points are good. Goa is really paradise for couples and good place to relax
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