So there are many reasons we try to learn a new language; the jobs benefits,for schooling purposes or just to challenge ourselves and of course learning a new language could be quite fun and rewarding. Just like any other thing we are not familiar with like math we tend to give an excuse to   why we just can't learn it .Here are some interesting myths about learning a new language

Myth 1: Learning a new language is just too difficult. The most popular excuse given not to learn a new language is simply learning a new language is just too difficult, but wait we have heard this kind of stuff before in math class when we said  learning math is just too difficult but that's not true so learning a new language could be challenging so is math,physics, solving a Rubik cube ,learning how to draw basically any new skill we are not acquainted with looks difficult.Learning a new language is not difficult but quite demanding and challenging but that doesn't mean it can't be done

Myth 2: English is the universal language,so learning a new language is completely irrelevant . almost everbody nowadays speaks english but is definately not everbody.There are so many benefits to learning a new language, do you know learn a new language slows down demantia in people and also improve cognition and actually boost your brain , what about jobs opportunity and gifts just because you can speak another language.

Myth 3: You can't learn a new language as an adult

I just can't, maybe if i were younger i can, am just too old to learn a new language, but that is just a lie though researches shows kids are better at learning a new language it doesn't mean adults can't. In facts adult have the  experience of learning  new things, and are actually capable to learn more efficiently than children.So if you are just 25 or 65 you can still learn a new language

Myth 4: You have to be in the country where it is spoken

It a common myth which stops a lot of people from learning a new language, that if you don't live in the country, you just can't speak the language .Though living in a country where the language is spoken could help you to master the language it doesn't mean if you don't live in the country you can't ,  in fact a lot of foreigner could live in the country and in fact are incapable to speak the language.

Myth 5:You can never master a new language

There are just too much things to learn about a new language;their alphabets , grammars, the list is endless, you can never eventually master  the language you may be able to speak a couple words but you can't actually master it.If you take a look at the English language you actually discover most of us don't know the whole English there so endless words in the English dictionary you never heard  of, we all speak just a handful of words on regular basis.Why not start small and learn just a handful of words you can actually use in day to day communication and you see you can actually master any language.With enough determination and dilligence anyone can actually master any language, why don't you plan to learn one today, it can be rewarding and fun to do so especially with friends and family.In case you need so help to learn one why don't you follow the rules below

3 Rules of learning a language

1.Live the language

Speak it, write it , even sing about it in the shower,in the car, anywhere.Make the language yours, learn at your pace,learn the basics surround yourself with it, listen to native speakers, even if you don't understand what they say you can learn how they pronounce words from them.

Reason why kids are better learners is because they are not afraid to make mistakes,spelling mistakes, wrong grammar..., kids are not afraid.Making mistakes reinforce learning,if you are afraid making a mistake while speaking,then you will never hone your language skills

3.Make it fun don't have to make learning a language a school work,it could be fun, practice with and on friends, be creative with it,start a friendly competition,If you apply these rules you could master any language in a short while.
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