Many of the things happening with Bitcoin SV recently have created new investment opportunities that haven't passed unnoticed. For example, as soon as the op_return limit was raised buyer activity surged on Fivebucks. New users increased creating fresh demand for logos, social media management services, video ads, illustrations, website content and even slogans for projects that were looking to exploit the increase of such limits. After reviewing what has been done so far, in this post we will explore 5 of the best Fivebucks sellers and listings that you can buy to help get your new venture off the ground for cheap. These are strongly recommended for bootstrappers without a lot of capital to play with!
Professional Logo Design
The revelation of 2019 has been Moeez, he has already gathered seven 5 star reviews from buyers so far and completed some particularly challenging projects for only $5. You can check out his portfolio for a sense of his design style and order a logo that brings your vision to life.
Whiteboard Explainer Videos
Fivebucks has become an invaluable resource for those in need of branded videos. So far Henz has emerged as the best performing seller when it comes to explainer videos, he delivers great value starting from only $5 and also follows up with excellent customer care. Digging deeper you will find that each seller has their own style when it comes to videos, for example videoproud has a great record of creating live action videos for around $10 each on average. However, the most budget-friendly solution, at the moment, are whiteboard explainers.
Voice overs
If you are looking to create a radio ad or in need of a narrator for your video ad then on Fivebucks you will be able to find some really talented and proven voiceover artists. The best seller this month has been tben2505 whose listing I will record a professional British voiceover was an immediate success and has already received three 5 star reviews from 2 very satisfied customers.
When it comes to illustrations it is really hard to believe that you can get anything good done for $5. Yet, after reviewing Chassie's work we were utterly impressed. She is an extremely talented and passionate illustrator, who has successfully delivered on all projects she has been hired for so far on Fivebucks. If you are looking for a unique illustration, we strongly recommend you give her a chance!
Social Media Management
A lot of is going on with BSV and social media is important to let the world know about what you are doing. We have seen a lot of SMMs come and go on Fivebucks so far, but smmpro has never disappointed so far. If you want someone to take care of your Twitter profile then they are the perfectionist your business desperately needs!
Your Turn
Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg as a lot of useful services on offer remain untried. If you can't find something you want through normal browsing you can always post a buyer request specifying your budget and time frame.
We always recommend contacting a seller before placing any order to make sure they are responsive. Do your own diligence and keep in mind that most of the sellers have never used BSV before, once your order is completed they will have to withdraw and will be definitely onboarded in the BSV ecosystem as productive participants.
What is your favorite Fivebucks listing?
What has delivered the most bang for the buck for you? Any suggestions in the comment section below are welcome!


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Moeez really makes a nice job for such price especially!
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