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Lets see, a Socialist politician who fights for the working class people, is expected to win a democratic election, is jailed by people backed by US Capitalist Oligarchy (same as with Guaido capitalist puppet) on allegations of corruption, without any trial or conviction... so that an outright Fascist can get into office and start selling out the natural resources and economically enslave even more people by working for the American Fascist Capitalist Oligarchy... sounds just about what American Capitalist Empire and their Nazis in CIA do for them all the time.
   11mo ago
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First of all, thank the support provided, and in terms of the article, if the main cause of all the misfortunes of the luminosity has been to lose the real meaning of life, which consists in living in community and harmony with nature to begin to live in a predatory capitalism that only seeks personal interest as a form of exploitation and we all know that the biggest driver of this capitalist system is an American system that managed to start imposing itself after the second war and continue trying to maintain a world hegemony ending progressive governments and mainly in what they believe their backyard is like Latin America is. They already overthrew in Bolivia a legitimate president elected by the majority of the Bolivian people, in our homeland Venezuela, we have already lost count of how many attempts to overthrow the legitimate government have made without putting in this account what they will try to carry out the next 16Nov.
And when I refer to the American system, I don't include most of the people who are just another victim of that system.
Thanks again for all the support.
   11mo ago