I pointed this out before, and I can see other people don't seem to see it... but I see it.
Ivan on Tech (the guy is a Lightning network shill, therefore a crook) now openly admits that with new code changes will now allow people to no longer need to close Lightning network channels at all, which means, if you think about it for a while... that, what I have been saying for a while now, Lightning doesn't need blockchain to function at all.
The real reason for Core/Blockstream to prevent block size increase is not to prevent miner centralisation, I think most of us know this by now (if not... you don't know a damn thing about anything and I feel sorry for you, if you are like that, stay the fuck out of crypto completely and instead START LEARNING about scaling debate) but to prevent scaling of blockchain.
Bankers who created/fund Blockstream, who have their coders hijacking BTC code, don't want the people to leave their centralised banking system and their private central banks loosing power and control of supply of money (and debt, and monetary policy, and creating money out of nothing, and economically enslaving everyone into debt for generations) by going into decentralised Bitcoin system.
They want to trick people into Lightning network, and so far they have been saying that Lightning network needs BTC to operate, which is what they used as an excuse to label (falsely) Lightning as scaling of Bitcoin... but I could foresee that this is all false and that they won't even need BTC to have people fund the Lightning network channels at all, that they can just change the code to allow funding of Lightning network channels directly with Fiat... and here we are...
Ivan on Tech shows how with this new code change (they call it "upgrade" of course) you will no longer need to close the Lightning network channel at all, meaning you don't need to settle anything on BTC blockchain or any other blockchain... which is next step into making Lightning being fully independent (BUT ALSO FULLY CENTRALISED) payment system which doesn't need any blockchain to work at all.
So people were pointing out that Lightning won't be able to survive once BTC block rewards stop because there is extremely low capacity on BTC blockchain, and most thought that this would mean certain death of the Lightning network itself... and up to a point, I knew this would happen for as long as they "needed" settling on-chain in the first place... but now... there is very clear evidence that this is not their intention at all, their real intention is to not need to settle on-chain at all... and in this video, Ivan says this very thing.
Here you go, this is the video:
One of the ideas behind Bitcoin system is that rules are already set and are not meant to be changed. This is how we can all know what the rules are and we all know what we are getting ourselves into.
But, once a system is changed by some group of people, you no longer know what you will get, because once they change it once, you can be assured they will do it again... and again.
Fiat used to be backed by gold, until it wasn't... because the rules were changed.
Fractional reserve lending didn't exist, until it did... because rules were changed.
I hope you get the idea here...apply the same logic to Lightning... can you see now how I know that Lightning doesn't need BTC or any other blockchain at all? I know because I know what motives and ideology of those who fund Blockstream and control BTC & Lightning, are. I know how they think, I know what they have and what they want to maintain... which is why slowly... INCREMENTALLY... these people (more like scum) always keep changing the rules over time, so that you don't get the impact and change straight away, as then it gets too obvious even for sheeple.
This is why they start with Lightning being funded with BTC only, so they can use the label of "scaling of Bitcoin", then they added LTC, now they change the rules again so you no longer need to use BTC blockchain at all, to change funding of the Lightning channel(s), and as we all know now, that BTC without utility is going to die, they have only option and goal, which is to keep making changes to Lightning, adding new excuses and false narratives (called PROPAGANDA), how user doesn't need to settle on BTC at all, same how they changed the rules to no longer need 100% of funds in banking accounts to create fractional reserve, how they changed the rules to no longer peg Fiat to Gold... etc... one day, they will declare how you can just use Lightning with Fiat... mark my words.
Always remember:
My advice to everyone is:


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Your misunderstanding here is legendary.
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@ChazCarlson you are stupid because your comment is like someone being in discussion and after listening to arguments from other side, comes and just says "you are wrong".
See, I give arguments and reasoning, you don't, which is why you are stupid. So just piss off.
I had a look at your posts quickly and saw that you are one of those morons who advocates for BTC being store of value, and that fucking Dodge coin shit as P2P cash... you are pathetic.
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@-ED- A series of flat assertions is -NOT- reasoning. The fact that you took my Dogecoin post seriously says more about you than it does about me.
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